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Seybert’s Billiard Supply Announces Predator Chalk, BK3 Break Cue

November 9, 2012

COLDWATER, Mich., Nov. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Seybert’s Billiard Supply announces that they now carry the highly awaited Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube. After years of research, development, testing by the top pros, Predator Cues finally released their version of a pure performance chalk. Using a special formula of Pure Silica and a secret development process, Predator Cues created the Predator 1080 Pure Chalk with one thing in mind, winning. Along with the chalk Predator Cues is also releasing the new Predator BK3 Break Cue. Seybert’s Billiard Supply is expecting one of the first batches to come in late November as they continue to lead the industry as a top Predator Cues Dealer. The new Predator BK3 Break Cue is stronger, faster and more powerful then the last. After more than two years of research and development with over a dozen design changes from the Predator BK2, Predator Cues is releasing the world’s best break cue. The Predator BK3 has increased strength, break balance weight distribution, carbon fiber reinforced shaft, fused four piece butt construction with an extended low friction matte finish. Cues, Cases, Chalk, and now TIPS! Predator Cues are releasing their first ever 7 layer quality leather tip in soft, medium and hard located at www.seyberts.com.

Contact: Rick Matzke, General Manager and BCA Certified Instructor at 517-279-7585, rick@seyberts.com

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