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Mutewatch Releases Svart, A Special Edition Touchscreen Watch Together With Artist Jesper Nyren

November 14, 2012

STOCKHOLM, November 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Mutewatch – the world’s first touchscreen watch – has had an eventful first year after
the launch in July 2011. After having being praised by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak,
awarded the Red Dot Award and seeing Karl Lagerfeld buy three watches on the first day of
sale in Paris, a Mutewatch called Svart is now arriving developed in a unique
collaboration with the artist, Jesper Nyren.

“Mutewatch is more than a watch, it challenges the boundaries of how digital watches
operate. We looked for an artist who could interpret this and create something with a
completely new visual expression based on it. We are incredibly pleased with Jesper’s
results.” says Oscar Ritzen Praglowski co-founder of Mutewatch.

Mutewatch’s new colour – a deep and intensive black – means that the screen’s numbers
are very clearly visible and highlights the watch’s golden details engraved with Jesper
Nyren’s patterns.

“In my collaboration with Mutewatch I have started with thoughts about time and
repetition. I have created a kaleidoscopic pattern based on crystalline shapes that are
repeated, mirrored and shift in different colours. The pattern is designed in relation to
the watch’s specific shape and properties, and is also intended to bring to mind the
passage of time as well as jewellery and ornaments.” says Jesper Nyren.

The new edition of Mutewatch with the name Svart will be available for sale at
exclusive stores like Luisa Via Roma in Florence, Storm in Copenhagen and Cara&Co in
Sydney. It will also be available at mutewatch.com from the 13th of November for USD 299
and EUR249.

“We are proud to have such dedicated retailers representing Mutewatch all over the
world and we are happy to launch Svart together with a select few of them” says Mai-Li
Hammargren CEO and co-founder of Mutewatch.

Jesper Nyren graduated from Royal Institute of Art in Sweden in 2007 and since then
has worked as an artist with several one-man exhibitions and public works. He primarily
works with painting in everything from small works to large spatial designs.

Fundamental to Nyren’s artistry is a fascination for the ability of painting to
communicate at a direct and physical level to the observer. The work has a geometric form,
where colour has a leading role.

Mutewatch was founded in Stockholm in 2008 by a group of your entrepreneurs – Mai-Li
Hammargren, Oscar Ritzen Praglowski and Gustav Hammargren. The first product images were
released on the 5th of August 2010 and within 24 hours Engadget, Gizmodo and many others
had published the news. Traffic streamed to the website. Mutewatch was launched on the 7th
of July 2011 during Berlin Fashion Week.

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