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Cycle Stuff Direct Look at Cycle Safety in Britain

November 14, 2012

SOUTHAMPTON, November 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

The importance of cyclists’ safety was brought back to everyone’s attention after last
week’s high-profile accidents with both Great Britain’s coach, Shane Sutton, and Tour de
France Champion Bradley Wiggins being involved in cycling accidents.

It has shocked the nation that such highly skilled cyclists can also be part of
unfortunate road accidents and does point out how vulnerable all road users can be,
especially in the winter months when it’s getting much darker outside.

Dereck Pickering, Operations Manager at Cycle Stuff Direct
[https://www.cyclestuffdirect.com ], has said: “Cycling has grown hugely this year with the
Olympic Games and the interest in Tour de France; however, the biggest concern for people
wanting to get into cycling is safety and with the high-profile accidents being in the
spotlight, it can definitely have a negative impact on cyclists.”

He explains that it’s not only essential clothing and bicycle accessories like road
bike helmets [https://www.cyclestuffdirect.com/helmets/adult/road.html ], lights and
reflective clothing that help protect themselves from accidents, but more safety
provisions and co-operation between drivers and cyclists is needed.

Dereck says, “Cyclists can buy all the protective clothing and bicycle accessories
that they need to help minimise injuries but that’s just one part of the issue, there are
other concerns like making the actual roads more cycle-friendly and having more practical
help to aid cyclists and drivers so that they can work together and make the roads a safer
place for everyone, to help prevent the accidents in the first place.”

If you are thinking about cycling over the winter, consider practicing your signalling
on a quiet road with no traffic before you start, always use lights when it’s dark and
remember to wear reflective clothing and a fitted helmet.

        Dereck Pickering

SOURCE Cycle Stuff Direct

Source: PR Newswire