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BD Reveals 12 Innovative Hotel Room Designs of the Future

November 15, 2012

LONDON, November 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

British architects have potential to transform hotel sector

12 architects have been shortlisted in a competition to design the budget hotel room
of the future.

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Read the full story [http://www.bdonline.co.uk/story.aspx?storyCode=5045942 ]

The competition, organised by the UK’s leading architecture newspaper BD and
Bdonline.co.uk, invited designers to develop a scheme that would make a tiny space (14sq
m) feel generous and luxurious.

With budget accommodation accounting for over a third of the new hotels being built in
the UK, the competition was a chance to shine a light on the lack of design innovation in
these buildings.

The shortlisted designs range from colourful capsule pods that can travel around the
country to minimalist square boxes with interactive screens instead of windows.

One predicts the needs of visitors by collecting information at check in and via
social media, while another uses low-tech stage-set technology from the theatre to hide a
sunken bath under a sliding bed.

“This is a sector that’s in desperate need of reinvention. Most budget hotel rooms are
boring and purely functional spaces,” said BD editor-in-chief and competition judge Amanda

“The shortlisted entries are all very different but they share the same ambition – to
create a really memorable experience.”

The shortlisted designs can all be seen on Bdonline.co.uk
[http://www.bdonline.co.uk/story.aspx?storyCode=5045942 ]:

        - Nicos Yiatros & Konstantinos Zaverdinos - The Infinity Room has a floating
          bed to give the room a sense of airiness and light while floor-to-ceiling windows
          bring the city into the room and an overspill takes the room out to the city.
        - VW & BS - A Room as a View is the simplest hotel room possible, a blank canvas
          to be personalised by texture and local style constructed. 90% of the space is created
          using a common modular structure while the remaining 10% is left to local designer.
        - Ian Springford Architects - Myplace combines crowd sourcing with social media
          to create a system that allows guests to choose the place and time for the
          transportable hotel room. The pre fabricated pods can be stacked and transported on a
          flatbed truck.
        - Project Orange - PO Cabin is an extension of a prototype room for a hotel in
          Shoreditch with a concrete room and built-in bed constructed from reclaimed
          floorboards. Materials are purposely distressed and enhanced with quirky furnishings
          including a flight-case mini bar and a steamer trunk.
        - Bright Space Architects - Plugin and Play features two pods, one for sleeping
          and showering and one for 'play'. The pods interlock to create flexible rooms and the
          interior of the 'play' pod is customisable via the online check-in system and social
        - Coupdeville Architects - The Configurator uses simple moving parts to create a
          series of different arrangements to make the most of the limited floor space. A sunken
          bath is covered by the sliding bed, designed along the lines of a stage set.
        - De Matos Ryan - Make a Room removes all the usual walls that separate work,
          sleep, relax and wash spaces with wet and dry and soft and hard areas, and comfortable
          but durable materials.
        - G1 Architecture - A concept developed around three Es: elegance, experience
          and economy with a simple adaptable room that allows the visitor to change the layout
          to suit them.
        - Andrew Mulroy Architects - A minimal-width bathroom allows for a 2m-wide bed
          that can be used as a lounge area and an open floor space at the heart of the room.
        - Ninian McQueen - Reversing the trend of low-ceiling hotel rooms, the design
          proposes a small floor space and more generous headroom. A fold-out bed and wet screen
          can both be hidden away to create a bigger space.
        - CTHM - A prefabricated box made of an engineered wood with grooves for movable
          elements that allow visitors to move floor-to-ceiling curtains around and change the
          space as it suits them.
        - Michael Trentham Architects - Hotel Obscura deals with the idea of a
          windowless room by introducing large interactive screens showing real-time views of
          the visitor's choice which can also be used to access the Internet and entertainment

Images of the shortlisted designs are available to download from:


About BD Small

BD Small is the first budget hotel room competition of its kind, organised by
architect’s newspaper BD and Bdonline and sponsored by Kaldewei.

The judging panel was chaired by BD editor in chief Amanda Baillieu and included
Matthew Bell, manager of CitizenM Hotels, architect Peter Clash of Clash Associates and
Tina Norden, associate director at the world-famous design practice Conran & Partners.

The winner will be revealed at the Sleep hotel conference in London on November 22nd
and featured in BD and Bdonline.

Over 30 entries were received.

About BD and Bdonline

BD is the architects’ favourite for all the latest news, building reviews and comment.
Together with Bdonline it has a weekly reach of over 25,000 readers.

BD was named IBP Weekly Magazine of the Year 2011 and BDonline’s editor was named BSME
Business Web Editor of the Year.




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