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Packaging-Labelling.com Revamps its Website, Offers Online Advertising and Content Marketing Services

November 19, 2012

HYDERBAD, India, November 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Packaging-Labelling.com [http://www.Packaging-Labelling.com ] revamps its website with
more options for online marketing, content sharing, e-mail marketing, etc.
packaging-labelling.com is a leading brand which facilitates different marketing options
for its clients across the globe. With a well-established track record and result-oriented
background, its services have always met with greater customer satisfaction.
packaging-labelling.com offers great service at a very competent price and has never been
known to compromise on the quality of the service.

Online marketing [http://www.packaging-labelling.com/advertise ] provided by
packaging-labelling.com offers e-mail marketing, social media marketing, content
marketing, banner advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO) using Web analytics, often
a combination of many of these options. Online marketing not only helps the company to get
new customers, but also works extremely well to support repeat sales.

Whether you’re a start-up business, an established company or even a sole trader;
authoring content on a regular basis can elevate your expertise in the eyes of your
customers (and potential customers) and raise your online profile in general. Content
includes everything that’s on your Website, in e-mails, press releases, articles,
interviews, case studies, videos, posts to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and
LinkedIn, and can also include expertise shared on sites.

“An organization can educate the media and the prospective customers about the
company’s news, point of view on current events that relate to the particular industry, or
share new product or service information, recent trends in the industry and more. Anything
that is news can be published in any form of content,” Md. Azeemuddin, Director, Web,
packaging-labelling.com, noted.

As far as e-mail marketing goes, it is an exact return on investment as it provides
tracking information on how many people opened an e-mail, how many people clicked a link
in an e-mail, which specific link within the e-mail was clicked, how many people
complained that an e-mail was spam or unsubscribed and, of course, whether your e-mail
even made it into your recipient’s inbox.

E-mail marketing helps Communicate instantly; within seconds your message is delivered
to the subscribers. It helps to create dynamic visual content, wherein hyperlinks within
the e-mail are given that lead to specific web pages, creating a uniquely dynamic user
experience. Using e-mail marketing you can send a series of messages to your e-mail
subscribers, on a repetitive basis, educating them about your products and services.

With its innovative digital advertising strategies the key to all marketing activities
and astonishing networking opportunities, packaging-labelling.com brings to you a new
digital advertising strategy through its service offerings.

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