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C4 and Capablue Prove Second Screen Ads Are the Future

November 29, 2012

LONDON, November 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Proof of concept a hit with advertising and media industries

Capablue, specialist in TV Everywhere solutions, has been working with Channel 4 to
create a proof of concept that explores the potential of future advertising formats. The
interactive advertising application uses the second screen to provide the broadcaster with
a more sophisticated and less intrusive way of showing ads and interacting with viewers.

Having developed the proof of concept in close collaboration with Channel 4, Capablue
used its cloud-based Connected framework to build a plug in solution that uses audio
watermarking to synchronise with linear broadcast. This ensures the two devices are
synchronised no matter when the programme is viewed, taking into account +1 channels, time
shift, PVRs, etc. Capablue also created and developed the user experience and design
elements for the entire project to extend the Channel 4 corporate and channel brands to
tablets and smart phones.

“Second screens are set to play a huge part in the future of broadcast advertising
because they can be used to create a deeper engagement between content and viewers,” said
Capablue CEO Tom Cape. “We have been working very closely with Channel 4 to create a proof
of concept that does just that. It encourages the viewer to interact with a brand by
delivering a much more sophisticated advertising experience that pushes content straight
to the consumer in a non-intrusive way. It’s exciting to see such a future-thinking
project like this come together and to play such a big part in it. This is truly a ‘first’
for second screen innovation.”

The proof of concept was showcased to 400 advertising and media executives at the
Channel 4 Upfronts in London last week. Each was given an iPad to witness the live
demonstration. They all played along to a micro game, which was part of an ad that popped
up on their screens. The in game scores were fed to a live leader board.

“It’s important for us as a broadcaster today to think about how we engage with our
viewers across all screens. In the connected world we need to create the best TV
experiences for them no matter where they are. By doing this it also enables our
advertisers to engage with those viewers in a more targeted and interactive way. Capablue
understand this and has created a proof of concept that works for us, our advertisers and
most importantly our viewers. It’s clear from the positive response to the demo at the
Upfronts last week that this kind of solution is what the advertising and media industries
are after,” said Carl Read, Digital Leader at Channel 4.

How the app works:

        - The viewer is watching Channel 4 on linear TV whilst also having a second
          screen 'companion app' open. For example, a Made in Chelsea app for a tablet or
        - When the channel goes to a commercial break there is a non-intrusive overlay
          that appears on the app as a result of a corresponding advert.
        - The user can choose to engage and interact with this overlay which will then
          launch to full screen.
        - Within the ads on the app the user can register for a discount, play along
          with games, buy directly, share with social media networks, reserve an item , book a
          test drive, etc.
        - Once the engagement is complete the user remains within the original second
          screen application.

Following the success of the live demonstration at the Channel 4 Upfronts, Capablue is
continuing to work with the broadcaster to look at how this could become part of its
future advertising offer.

About Capablue

Capablue provides solutions for broadcasters, across the entire Connected TV
ecosystem, from Video on Demand (VoD) through connected and companion TV apps to
advertising and T-commerce. We unify the main TV with the multitude of new TV-enabled
devices, so broadcasters can connect with consumers and provide a seamless experience
across all screens.

Our unique cloud-based platform, Connected, enables the discovery and monetisation of
content on multiple internet-connected devices, helping broadcasters to enhance the value
of their content and exploit the fact that TV is now connected to the internet.

Customers on the Connected platform include M&S TV, Curzon on Demand, Star Trek on
Virgin Tivo, Playboy TV and DigiTop’s Karaoke Superstar.

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