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Apppicker.com on Mission to Shine a Light on iTunes Apps

November 29, 2012

KIEV, Ukraine, November 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

With a million apps now approved by Apple, it has become more diificult each day for
app developers to get their apps noticed and harder still for users to find what they are
looking for in the iTunes store. http://www.AppPicker.com has reacted to this by
adding some features to its site specifically targeted at bridging the divide between
developer and app user:-

– The addition of an “app video trailer” section makes the app discovery process much
easier for the user and allows the developer to showcase the best features of their app.
Short but informative trailers are hosted on the site “You tube” style and will be
categorized for convenience.

– A special, “announcement section” enables developers reach a targeted audience with
news and updates about their apps not usually covered in app review websites. Advance
publicity and new version releases are all covered here. This gives the readers access to
more feedback than currently available on iTunes. Reader’s comments also provide
developers a more incisive and honest response than iTunes. Open interaction between
developers and readers here can only improve the quality of app development.

– T he new “interview section” gives readers a behind the scenes view on what it takes
for a developer to get their app to the store. This section will host a wide ranging
number of interviews with leading developers and promises to have something of interest
for everyone. With some apps becoming headline news, readers are becoming far more
interested in more than just the apps themselves.

These features are the first of many planned by http://www.AppPicker.com whose
mission is to make the process of discovering apps a fun and enjoyable experience. Many
iPhone and iPad users, frustrated by the difficulties of finding relevant apps by
searching iTunes, use Apppicker.com and other similar review sites to help find the good
apps from amongst the crowd.

Future releases will include some clever technology where readers can find even the
most niche apps within a few seconds. With 750,000 live apps on the iTunes store it really
has become a jungle and AppPicker.com will help readers through that. AppPicker would like
to review every app on the iTunes store in depth and its staff of 10, which includes
programmers and writers, is doing everything they can to achieve this.

Contact: Tiernan Quinn, +38(0)963115264, support@apppicker.com

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