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Get Back on Your Bike With 50cycles

December 3, 2012

LONDON, December 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

An electric bike has many advantages over other modes of transport, particularly
during these times of austerity and a more discerning consumer. Scott Snaith, Founder of
50cycles [http://www.50cycles.com ] outlines some of the reasons they have seen such huge
success over the last few years.

Up, up, up…

Burning lungs are a thing of the past when tackling hills and rough terrain by
electric bike. The lithium battery
[http://www.50cycles.com/section.htm?section=batteries-and-chargers ] assists your own
pedal power giving you that extra oomph to reach the top. No more diversions to avoid the

Safety first

Pick up any city paper and you’ll read about yet another cyclist crushed by a bus or a
lorry when pulling away from city centre traffic lights. With an electric bike
[http://www.50cycles.com ], acceleration is available at the touch of a button so you can
get away safely from the traffic around you.

Easy on the purse

No road tax. No insurance. No fuel costs. No MOT. No congestion or parking charges. No
Problem. In fact, if you generate your own electricity via solar panels your electric bike
[http://www.50cycles.com ] will be totally sustainable.

Fitness first

How many of us brush off the cobwebs from our old, tired bicycle in the garage, ride
it a few times and then find the novelty soon wears off? Owners of electric bikes
[http://www.50cycles.com ] are said to cycle at least once a week, if not every day. This
is in comparison to conventional bikes which are often used less than once per month.
Electric bikes offer an easy, hassle-free way to incorporate fitness into your daily

Fresh as a daisy

Nobody enjoys stuffy trains, packed buses or gridlocked roads on the way to work. But
arriving at the office drenched in sweat after cycling for 20 miles isn’t that appealing
either. Electric bikes make the daily commute
[http://www.50cycles.com/section.htm?section=commuting-electric-bikes ] effortless. The
battery does all the work for you meaning that you will arrive at your desk refreshed and

Because you care

Research shows that a staggering 80% of all car journeys are less than six miles and
emit harmful exhaust emissions. An electric bike, which costs just pence to recharge, is a
great alternative and far more eco-friendly (especially if you generate your own power
with solar panels!).

City slicker

Enjoy the satisfying feeling of whizzing past gridlocked traffic when getting about
town. On an electric bike
[http://www.50cycles.com/section.htm?section=commuting-electric-bikes ], you can safely
travel up to 15mph which is often much faster than the traffic around you. And why not
take an alternative route to work? Check out the scenic route without having to worry
about hills – let the bike do all the hard work for you.


In the eyes of the law, electric bikes fall under the same category as traditional
push bikes so they don’t require tax, insurance, MOT or a licence. You can ride them on
roads alongside cars, take the cycle route with other bikes or even take a more off-road
route! Just pick it up and off you go. Easy.

Explore further

Some of the main reasons people state for not cycling more often is the worry of not
being fit enough, running out of steam and being unsure of the hills and terrain ahead.
With an electric bike [http://www.50cycles.com/section.htm?section=comfort-electric-bikes
], all these problems disappear as the pedal assist motor kicks in and helps you climb
those hills with ease. Thus allowing you to explore places you would never go before and
experiencing all that the British countryside has to offer.

Get involved

Not only does cycling provide an excellent opportunity to experience the great
outdoors, it’s also the perfect way to meet new people from your local area. Most places
have a local cycling club and with your electric bike you don’t need to be a fitness
fanatic to join in!

For further information or to book a test ride please contact us via the website
50cycles.com [http://www.50cycles.com ]

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