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Digisoft.tv Announces MHEG for Iris with S&T

December 5, 2012

LONDON, December 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Service Operators gain broadcast interactivity for hybrid middleware

Digisoft.tv, a leading global provider of set-top box middleware for the cable,
satellite, terrestrial and telecommunications industry, announces the integration of
RedKey – the market leading MHEG 5 engine, into its set-top box middleware stack; Iris.
The company will offer MHEG as a standard part of its DVB based offering. This will
include the interaction channel components for IP based return path including information,
commerce and IP video delivery services and the DSM-CC object carousel that offers novel
broadcast functionality. Digisoft is going through a rapid phase of growth with license
sales on track to grow in excess of 100% in 2013.

Speaking on behalf of Digisoft, Head of Product Development Eoin Shanaghy said,
“Adding the MHEG standard to our hybrid DVB/IPTV middleware is a natural evolution. By
combining our Iris middleware product with S&T’s RedKey MHEG engine, we will offer
operators more ways than ever before to deliver content to consumers’ TVs. RedKey also
allows us to deliver a unique capability to our customers – the combined delivery of
applications based on multiple standards, including HTML5. We believe that this
combination will propel Digisoft.tv to become the market leader in the hybrid media and
entertainment market for service operators.”

“Digisoft have a very interesting solution to set-top box software, based on Linux and
using HTML5 as both the user interface and the mechanism for adding features which will
make their offering very attractive to manufacturers and operators wanting to add IP
services to their lineup. Cooperating with S&T to integrate S&T’s RedKey 2 MHEG engine and
DSM-CC object carousel client will create a product capable of meeting the needs of not
only the existing MHEG markets but also those operators looking for a cost effective way
into VOD and online streaming to a variety of devices,” said Paul Daly, Operations
Director at S&T.

RedKey addresses all MHEG Markets including Freeview HD (UK), Freesat UK, Freeview
Australia, Freeview New Zealand and South Africa and in addition can support any MHEG
profile based on these or the ETSI MHEG standard, giving Digisoft a real advantage as a
total software solution provider for set-top box manufacturers.

About Digisoft

Digisoft.tv Ltd is a leading global provider of set top box middleware for the cable,
satellite, terrestrial and telecommunications industry. Iris middleware is designed to
meet the needs of service providers who want broadcast, usability, return path and economy
of scale. Iris supports all broadcast standards (DVB, ISDB-T, ATSC) enhancing them with
HTML 5.0 to improve usability. Digisoft.tv provides software and professional services to
brands such as Telstra Clear, PMT and VideoEzy. Digisoft maintains headquarters in Ireland
with sales offices around the world. Visit the company at http://www.digisoft.tv or
follow us on LinkedIn.

About S&T

Strategy & Technology Ltd (S&T) is a UK-based company with additional offices in the
USA and Hong Kong. It has been developing and implementing technology based on
international digital TV standards since 1996. S&T is the leading independent company in
the industry sector that supports the MHEG- 5 interactive TV standard worldwide and is the
market leader in the supply of broadcast carousel generation, playout and monitoring
systems for interactive television. More information can be found at


        S&T Media Contact:
        Paul Daly
        Operation Director
        E-mail: paul.daly@s-and-t.com
        Tel: +44-20-7183-1501

        Digisoft.tv Media Contact:
        Pam Dorney
        Head of Marketing and Communications
        E-mail: pdorney@digisoft.tv
        Tel. +353-21-491-7272

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