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Nuclear Energy News from Nuclear24 Accessible via One News Page

December 7, 2012

LONDON, December 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Leading global online news portal, One News Page, has added nuclear energy sector news
coverage from nuclear24 to its selection of professional news sources.

Providing around-the-clock reporting on nuclear energy news and developments,
nuclear24 is an independent authoritative information resource in the sector. Targeted at
nuclear energy professionals, nuclear24 regularly reports on the latest developments,
regular business briefings, and updates on policy, regulation and environmental issues.

nuclear24 content is now discoverable by One News Page users as it has become the
latest in a series of new professional information sources to be added to the popular news
portal site.

“According to web traffic analytics firm Quantcast, nearly a third of all One News
Page users are professionals accessing our news portal from work,” says One News Page
Founder & CEO, Marc Pinter-Krainer.

“It is our goal to broaden access to best-of-breed news resources in specialist
professional areas. nuclear24 is a global leader in reporting on developments in the
nuclear energy sector, and has been selected as our latest professional news resource to
be added to our sites,” Pinter-Krainer adds.

“One News Page is a valuable global news portal which increasingly caters for
professionals seeking out industry news in their specialist sector,” comments nuclear24′s
Editor-in-Chief John Shepherd. “We are pleased nuclear24 has been selected for its
independent and accurate reporting on the nuclear energy sector.”

One News Page Ltd was founded in 2008 and services markets in the English, German and
Spanish languages across America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. In December 2012 it ranked
among the top 4,000 websites accessed by US people, according to online traffic analytics
provider Quantcast.

It displays content from a plethora of sources, easily searchable in one place via its
website. The addition of nuclear24 global energy sector content has added yet more depth
to One News Page’s professional news offering across its sites.

For further information, please visit http://www.onenewspage.com

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About nuclear24

nuclear24 (nuclear24.com [http://nuclear24.com ]) provides an around-the-clock, global
news & information network covering nuclear-related issues and developments.

The service is designed to provide factual, timely information and analysis for
communications professionals, decision-makers, opinion formers and those whose work brings
them into contact with the nuclear energy industry, including the general public and

The nuclear24 network includes trusted international journalists, experts,
organisations and institutions.

        Media Contacts

        One News Page Ltd
        Dr Marc Pinter-Krainer
        Founder & CEO
        Email: marc@onenewspage.com
        Tel: +44-(0)1273-730-785


        John Shepherd
        Email: john.shepherd@nuclear24.com
        Tel: +44-(0)845-053-8858


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