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E-Mail Your Weight Away: New Book Helps Women Fight Their Diet Demons

December 18, 2012

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Dec. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — E-Mail Your Weight Away: Diet Dialogues for Women is a new book, with a different twist on dieting, by Linda M. Hilliard of Marlborough, MA.

A life-long dieter, Hilliard recalls “When I was age 12, I was mortified when my mother took me shopping at the Chubby Girl Department at the department store.” Linda has tried every diet plan. In 1998, she lost 140 pounds (down from 300). By 2010, she was back at 250 pounds. Following two knee replacements, the inability to climb a flight of stairs without gasping, and a wardrobe that was chosen purely to cover her girth, she decided “Enough!” Now, in 2012, she is a size 8 (down from a size 24), exercises daily and is feeling terrific.

This book is Linda’s concept of dealing with what goes on in a dieter’s mind. It acknowledges that – among women especially – there is a need for not only a support system, but a way to share personal diet challenges in a world in which beauty is measured by a Hollywood standard.

Many diet books are formulaic. They have menu plans that include nutritional concepts and an exercise program. E-Mail Your Weight Away is not that kind of diet book. It is a 365-day motivational program designed to help women face their dieting demons. Through small group discussion (via e-mail or in person) and self reflection, E-Mail Your Weight Away presents thought-provoking concepts to help women travel together on the difficult journey of losing weight.

For most dieters, if they are committed and motivated, they can lose weight on any good diet program. The key to diet success, is to understand ourselves – what major influences and/or incidences in our lives have played a role in determining who we are – and what we weigh – today.

One reader wrote: “Two friends and I tried Weight Away and it was wonderful. Yes, we all lost weight. But we also gained a new awareness; we now better understand why we make certain choices around food. Plus, we now have such a strong bond – I am there for them, and they are here for me.”

E-Mail Your Weight Away is available through Amazon.com. There is an E-Mail Your Weight Away Book Blog. The author may be reached through Facebook or at lmhilliard@aol.com.

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