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PPTV Tops 2012 AppStore Ranking for Two Consecutive Years

December 20, 2012

BEIJING, Dec. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Apple announced the 2012 AppStore Ranking, for China domestic mobile market. For the two consecutive years, PPTV maintains the top position in the video app category, and third place in the free Apps category among the best-selling iPad products. PPTV is the leading app developer in the mobile device sector.

Featuring a massive video content library, state of the art technology, simple and clear user experience, and broadcast coverage, PPTV app has been the first choice of users since it was launched. PPTV has made remarkable achievements in iPad in the recent years. In May 2012, PPTV app was ranked first on the list of APP100 China Mobile Apps with Greatest Growth Potential, announced by Data Center of The China Internet (DCCI). During the recent APEC SME Summit 2012, PPTV was awarded the “Mobile App of the Year” as the only one in the video category. At present, PPTV apps have been installed in over 100 million iOS and Android devices, with penetration among iPad users reaching 77%.

Different from other video websites, with multi-terminal layout, PPTV breaks the constraints of traditional PC client video websites, so that it can build mobile clients to better address the user distribution. In 2012, the ever increasing user base on the PPTV apps attracted large number of first-tier big domestic and international brands such as Chanel, GAC-Honda, Samsung, Haier, L’oreal and Lee Kum Kee to launch advertisements on the website of PPTV, covering luxuries, automotive, IT, digital, FMCG and other industries; the “In-depth Special Video Column Mode” initiated at mobile client provides diversified choices for brand advertisers. The outstanding performance of PPTV app designed for iPad is not only attributed to the technical progress, but also benefits from the market edge of PPTV on mobile client PPTV and in-depth understanding of user behavior. According to insiders, the precise grasp of user thinking and the combination of technical strength and marketing strategy enable PPTV to continue leading the mobile video sector.


Source: PR Newswire