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An All Weather Swimming Pool?

January 2, 2013

THORSBY, AB, Jan. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Blue Falls Manufacturing, a company
known for manufacturing Arctic Spas hot tubs, is introducing a brand
new swimming pool to its extensive lineup.  Called the All-Weather
Pool, it is the first of its kind because it is a swimming pool for
winter: and it can be used all year.

“Typical pools don’t get year round usage,” said Brent Macklin, Vice
President of Sales and Retail Operations at Blue Falls Manufacturing. 
“Unpredictable weather, huge operation costs, and time-consuming
maintenance schedules mean that pools, especially in harsh climates,
are closed for far longer than they’re open every year.”  He stated
that Blue Falls noted this limitation, and designed the All-Weather
Pool as a game-changing alternative.

Dave Andersen, in the Research and Development department at Blue Falls,
said that the All Weather Pool incorporates multiple energy-saving
features that make it more economical than a regular backyard swimming
pool.  “The pools are effective in trapping and recycling heat, which
results in significant and long-term savings for owners and reduced
dependency on local electrical grids,” he noted.  “This means that
these pools can be used all year for less money.”  Andersen is also
excited about the portability of the pools.  “An in-ground pool
decreases the value of a house, and you can’t take it with you when you
move, but an All-Weather Pool can move with a family as it grows.”

Each All Weather Pool has five times the water volume of the average hot
tub.  Users can swim either with a tether or against a huge range of
counter-current resistances, which means exercising with maximum
versatility.  All Weather Pools can also be used for full-range
physical rehabilitation, because they have enough room to stretch in
and their temperature can be raised to hot-tub levels of warmth quickly
and efficiently.  Five different models are available, and are
revolutionizing at-home pool ownership.

SOURCE Blue Falls Manufacturing

Source: PR Newswire