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Sony Classical Releases The 2013 New Year’s Concert With The Vienna Philharmonic & Franz Welser-Most

January 4, 2013

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Classical is pleased to announce the release of the recording of one of the world’s most famous classical music events: the 2013 New Year’s Concert with the Vienna Philharmonic. Austrian conductor Franz Welser-Most returned to direct the 2013 concert following the success of his debut in 2011. On January 4, 2013, the live recording will be available exclusively at Arkiv Music and via Amazon.com’s CreateSpace’s Disc on Demand service and as a download through all major digital service providers. The CD will be released nationwide on January 22. The DVD and Blu-ray will be available on February 5.

The New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic is firmly established as one of the longest-standing and most prestigious music events worldwide. In its history of more than seven decades, the orchestra has been led by many of the most famous conductors and experienced by millions of people via TV broadcasts in over 70 countries.

As Clemens Hellsberg, the chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic, emphasized, the plaudits that Franz Welser-Most earned for this event in 2011 and his close association with the musical life of Vienna as General Musical Director of the State Opera made him a natural choice for the role in 2013.

For decades the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has presented from Vienna’s Musikverein an entertaining and heartfelt annual program of music from the wide repertoire of the Strauss dynasty and their contemporaries. The proven formula blends well-known classics with premieres of works that have never been performed before at the New Year’s Concert and the result is invariably both joyful and moving. This year’s repertoire included 11 premieres (more than ever before) and also pays tribute to Wagner and Verdi in advance of their 2013 anniversaries.

For ten years Welser-Most has been musical director of the Cleveland Orchestra, with whom he has built close relationships with Carnegie Hall in New York, the Musikverein in Vienna and the Lucerne Festival and presented eleven world and fourteen United States premieres. In recent seasons his fully-staged productions of the Mozart/Da Ponte operas have re-established The Cleveland Orchestra as an operatic ensemble.

For all his international connections, Welser-Most is an Austrian, who has delighted audiences of the Vienna State Opera with extremely well-received interpretations of the Wagnerian repertoire, among other highlights, and has a special personal connection with the music of the Strauss family: one of his great grandmothers was a daughter of the owner family of Vienna’s old-established Cafe Dommayer, where many works by the Strauss dynasty and Josef Lanner were premiered.

The tradition of the Vienna Philharmonic goes back to 1842, when Otto Nicolai conducted a Grand Concert with all members of the imperial “Hof-Operntheater”. This event was originally called “Philharmonic Academy” and is regarded as the origin of the orchestra. Since its founding the orchestra is managed by the administrative committee – a democratically elected body – and works artistically, organizationally and financially autonomous. All decisions are reached on a democratic basis during the general meeting of all members.

    New Year's Concert 2013 / Vienna Philharmonic and Franz Welser-Most
    Track listing

    CD 1
    JOSEF STRAUSS 1827-1870
    1            Die Soubrette. Polka schnell, op. 109*
                 The Soubrette. Quick polka
                 La Soubrette. Polka rapide

    JOHANN STRAUSS II 1825-1899
    2            Kuss-Walzer op. 400 (aus Der lustige Krieg)*
                 Kiss Waltz - Valse du baiser

    3            Theater-Quadrille op. 213*
                 Theatre Quadrille - Quadrille du theatre

    4            Aus den Bergen. Walzerop. 292*
                 From the Mountains. Waltz
                 Des montagnes. Valse

    FRANZ VON SUPPE 1819-1895
    5            Leichte Kavallerie - Ouverture
                 Light Cavalry - Overture
                 La Cavalerie legere - Ouverture


    6            Spharen-Klange. Walzer op. 235
                 Music of the Spheres. Waltz
                 Musique des spheres. Valse

    7            Die Spinnerin. Polka francaise op. 192*
                 The Spinner. French polka - La Fileuse

    RICHARD WAGNER 1813-1883
    8            Lohengrin - Vorspiel zum Dritten Aufzug*
                 Prelude to Act III · Prelude du acte III

    9            Unter vier Augen. Polka Mazur*
                 Between the Two of Us - Entre quatre yeux

    CD 2
    1            Hesperusbahnen. Walzer op. 279*
                 Hesperus' Path Waltz
                 Chemin des Hesperides. Valse

    2            Galoppin. Polka schnell op. 237*
                 Errand Boy. Quick polka
                 Galopin. Polka rapide

    JOSEPH LANNER 1801-1843
    3            Steyrische Tanze op. 165
                 Styrian Dances - Danses styriaques

    4            Melodien-Quadrille op. 112 (nach Motiven von G. Verdi)*
                 Melodies Quadrille - Quadrille des melodies

    GIUSEPPE VERDI 1813-1901
    5            Don Carlo - Prestissimo: Ballettmusik Akt III*
                 Ballet music from Act III
                 Musique de ballet du acte III

    6            Wo die Citronen bluh'n! Walzer op. 364
                 Where the Lemons Blossom. Waltz
                 Ou fleurissent les citronniers. Valse

    JOHANN STRAUSS I 1804-1849
    7            Erinnerung an Ernst oder: Der Carneval in Venedig. Fantasie op. 126
                 Reminiscences of Ernst, or: The Venice Carnival. Fantasia
                 Souvenirs d'Ernst ou : Le Carnaval de Venise. Fantaisie

    8            Plappermaulchen. Polka schnell op. 245
                 Chatterbox. Quick polka
                 Moulin a paroles. Polka rapide

    9            Neujahrsgruss
                 New Year's Greeting
                 Voeux du Nouvel An

    10           An der schonen blauen Donau Walzer op. 314
                 The Blue Danube. Waltz
                 Sur le beau Danube bleu. Valse

    11           Radetzky-Marsch op. 228
                 Radetzky March - Marche de Radetzky

    *First performance at a New Year's Concert

SOURCE Sony Classical

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