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EmergingGrowth.com Reports on Green Technology Stocks, Who to Watch in 2013

January 7, 2013

MIAMI, January 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

EmergingGrowth.com, a leading digital financial media company, reports on RV Plus,
Inc., GT Advanced Technologies, LDK Solar, Trina Solar, Sunpower Corporation, and Yingli
Green Energy.

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ECCO2 Tech, subsidiary of RVPlus, Inc, (OTCBB: RVPL) is a domestic and export provider
for American manufactured green technologies that are sustainable, energy efficient and
lower carbon-emission generated by transport and facilities to commercial and government
agencies worldwide. The company also supplies ‘green’ products that enhance growth of crop
and forestry, currently active in the West Indies, Latin America, and Africa.

RVPL just released a letter to its shareholders detailing their complicated revenue
model in almost leman’s terms. Towards the end, they specify that their invoices are
currently in the process of being insured. This is the key element for generating cash
revenue for the Company.

RVPL also recently announced receivables of $14 million for the Fall / Winter 2012,
and they state that they will continue to amass a substantial revenue potential through
goods and services that support carbon-emissions reduction, energy efficiency, in addition
to supporting climate change, environment, forestry, social affairs and agriculture.

Prior to the New Year, over 30% of GT Advanced Technologies (NASDAQ: GTAT)’s shares
were short in the market. That accounts for approximately 40 million shares. Since the
turn of the New Year, volume has been increasing as the company has experienced a 15% gain
on its market cap. The stock has had a 52-week high of nearly $10.00 per share. We’re
thinking that shorts have delayed their “buy to cover” transactions until the first of the
year to avoid a tax liability on an approximately 70% gain. Although there could be a
short squeeze in the making, it’s important to watch for new fundamentals evolving from
the company and the industry.

LDK solar (NYSE: LDK) and Trina Solar (NYSE: TSL), can be the beneficiaries of further
government incentives in the form of an MLP or Master Limited Partnership Classification.
US Senator Chris Coons has initiated a bill to level the playing field for all sources of
domestic energy. The Master Limited Partnerships Parity Act is a straightforward, powerful
tweak to the federal tax code that could unleash significant private capital into the
energy market. And as China cuts projects for companies like LDK and TSL, they can only
benefit if the bill comes into play.

Legendary investor Warren Buffett through Berkshire Hathaway recently announced the
purchase of a pair of power plants from Sunpower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR) in Southern
California for $2.5 billion. This fits well for Buffett’s portfolio, as it is a hedge
against expected inflation due to recent events in the economy. The stock has shot up over
80% on the news and we’ve seen some profit taking since. Yingli Green Energy (NYSE: YGE)’s
stock also rose with others on the news on Berkshire’s purchase. YGE rose almost 40% into
the news.

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