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QuestBack Predicts CMO’s Will Crown the Customer as King in 2013

January 14, 2013

BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut, January 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

QuestBack [http://www1.questback.com ], a global leader in enterprise feedback
management (EFM) and Social CRM, predicts that brands and marketing organizations will
turn to technology to tap into customers more efficiently, effectively and more
holistically in 2013. The availability of advanced, user-friendly mobile feedback
solutions will make it possible for organizations to connect with their customers when and
how they want, enabling them to optimize business value and compete with bigger market
players. QuestBack’s 2013 outlook forecasts
[http://www.friendsoffeedback.com/redefining-customer-centric-in-2013 ] that while quality
customer feedback will remain a critical piece of the business strategy, organizations
will realize a 360-approach, including employee feedback, will separate the good from the

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QuestBack’s predictions for 2013:

1. Employee feedback as the business strategy linchpin – A critical focus for
organizations will be to incorporate employee feedback into customer satisfaction creating
a more customer-centric organization. By linking internal feedback to external customer
information sources, organizations will have a clearer view of issues and will be better
equipped to identify the root cause and resolve them more quickly. To accomplish this,
businesses will seek to link employee feedback to the customer experience. This will
manifest itself in two ways; the extension of customer satisfaction KPI’s across all lines
of business and the deployment of tailored dashboard solutions that pull information from
all brand stakeholders and empower quick, efficient reporting from the frontline to the

2. Rise of the Chief Experience Officer – The title has been floating around the
boardroom table for a few years now, but in 2013 organizations will get serious about
getting a Chief Experience Officer on the payroll. As brands face stiffer competition and
pressure elevates around consistently delivering coherent and satisfying product and
service experiences to customers, businesses will seek ways to align teams, budgets and
tear down organizational roadblocks to customer experience success.

3. Market research experiments with the “Siri-effect” – In an effort to capitalize on
the ‘next big thing’ in mobility, marketers will seek to take feedback to the next level
via voice-activated surveys. Fresh techniques inspired by Apple’s Siri technology will
help brands break down the barriers of survey fatigue and get in front of the notoriously
tough-to-reach young male and business executive audience.

4. Gamification takes mobile feedback to the next level – Everyone is talking mobile
these days, but most are not effectively executing mobile strategies to gather feedback.
In 2013, businesses will look to adaptive layouts, with little or no manual intervention,
as a way to achieve scalability across devices and platforms. They will strive to support
the capabilities of target devices, rather than the other way around. For instance, we’ll
see a rise in customized graphics, like touch screen-enabled dials, replacing the boring
check boxes of years past. This trend towards ‘surveytainment’ will provide a more
entertaining feedback mechanism for customers, thereby increasing response rates.

5. Augmented reality and location-based awareness gain traction – A critical focus for
marketers will be getting to the right audience, at the right time and in the right place.
In order to create actionable insight and drive customers to make purchasing decisions,
organizations will look to new platforms to connect and innovate. This will include
augmented reality, whereby a virtual world is created when customers look through their
phone or location-based prompts on nearby deals, surveys and product feedback


“In 2013 we fully expect organizations to face challenges and confusion as they
struggle to understand how to cut through the noise and create quality connections with
customers. Successful organizations will deploy technology solutions that help them gain a
holistic, integrated view of their audience and empower them to get actionable insights on
the customer’s terms, via mobile, augmented reality, voice-activation, etc., rather than
waiting for the customer to come to them.” – Oliver Trabert
[http://www1.questback.com/questback/management.html ], CTO, QuestBack

About QuestBack

QuestBack [http://www.questback.com ] is a global leader in enterprise feedback
management [http://www1.questback.com/solutions.html ], customer experience management,
Social CRM, and market research solutions
[http://www1.questback.com/solutions/online-research.html ]. The company’s SaaS-based
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organizations to gain actionable insights and build stronger relationships with customers
and employees. More than 5,000 global customers [http://www1.questback.com/references.html
] – including Volvo, Ernst & Young, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Bosch – rely on QuestBack to
increase customer and employee satisfaction through real-time feedback. Founded in 2000,
QuestBack is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and privately held with 19 offices worldwide.
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