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GfK Tests New Standard for Global SMA

January 17, 2013

NUREMBERG, Germany, January 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

GfK has successfully established consistent standards for their truly global and
integrated Social Media Analysis (SMA) offer, thus addressing a long unmet need of

Dr. Ralph Wirth, a global innovation and digital specialist within GfK, said,
“International marketing experts are often frustrated by the fact that there are hardly
any truly global offerings in the field of social media analysis. This situation forces
them to work with several different providers, which complicates the aggregation of
results and the extraction of global insights.”

GfK’s new offering leverages the company’s global network to deliver flexible web
content gathering and analyses in any language at market leading quality. Local specifics
of the web landscape are taken into account, and the bigger picture is derived by
integrating SMA insights with other essential context specific information available to
GfK, such as survey data or knowledge on purchase behavior.

GfK piloted their new SMA standards in a recent ‘status quo’ study, run in the
People’s Republic of China, identifying, collecting and analyzing the online buzz for four
leading smart phone brands. The success of the methodology has established GfK’s global
standard for SMA analysis; delivering a unique, language-agnostic and fully scalable

Wirth explains, “We chose China because it is the most challenging social media market
available, combining strict regulations and a unique online landscape. Insights from our
highly successful study have already been integrated into several ongoing projects in
China. And we have proven that, by using human coders that are supported by automatic
algorithms, we can deliver superior quality results and correct for nuances, such as irony
and sarcasm – which is absolutely crucial for the way people talk online.”

GfK’s global SMA standards are the product of numerous projects run across their
global network, including a broad range of commercial projects, as well as various
‘research on research’ studies.

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