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Canadian Olympians, Paralympians, coaches and builders receive Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals

January 25, 2013

Events in Vancouver, Ottawa held to honour London 2012 Athletes

VANCOUVER / OTTAWA, Jan. 25, 2013 /CNW/ – Today, 70 of Canada’s
Olympians, Paralympians, coaches and builders gathered in both
Vancouver and Ottawa to honoured with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond
Jubilee Medal. Recipients were awarded their medal by the Minister of
State (Sport), the Honourable Bal Gosal and Minister Gordon O’Connor,
Minister of State and Chief Government Whip.

“London 2012 was special for every single member of the Team and
receiving the Diamond Jubilee medal tells me that what we accomplished
is special in the eyes of those Canadians who cheered us on in London,”
said Olympic bronze-medallist swimmer, Brent Hayden, who was also
recently named to the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame, where Friday’s event
took place. “Today is also a humbling reminder that athletes aren’t
just doing this for ourselves; we’re out there training and competing
for our communities and our country. What we do means a lot to
Canadians and this medal will be a reminder to all of us of the impact
that we can have.”

“It’s an amazing honour to receive a Diamond Jubilee medal,” said Jason
Dunkerley, who won silver and bronze medals in athletics at the London
2012 Paralympic Games. “It’s something that I’ll look back at and
cherish for ever. I owe the chance to represent Canada and to medal in
London to the incredible support of the people around me — my wife
Colleen, my guide runner Josh Karanja, my coach Ian Clark, family and
friends. I’d like to thank these people for being a part of this honour
and for supporting me to do something that I love.”

“I was born in England shortly after Queen Elizabeth became Queen, and
attended her coronation in a pram!” said former Paralympic women’s
wheelchair basketball coach Tim Frick. “Our family came to Canada in
1957 and since that time we have been grateful for the opportunities
and experiences we have received. To me, the Queen symbolizes loyalty
and service to our country and the Commonwealth, and I am proud to have
contributed to the Paralympic movement. The Jubilee medal is indeed an
impressive public honour, but to me it has extra special meaning on a
personal level.”

“It is so wonderful to see this new generation of Canadian Olympians
being honoured like this,” said Canadian Olympic Committee Board Member
and Olympic Silver Medallist, Charmaine Crooks. “It’s such a pleasure
for me to be here with them as they’re recognized for their incredible

“With celebrations like this, we can see how Canada’s Olympic athletes
are, more and more, having a real and recognized impact on our great
country,” said Canadian Olympic Committee Immediate Past President and
Board Member, Michael Chambers. “I couldn’t be more proud to be here
with them to celebrate this special day.”

“I am sincerely proud and thrilled to be recognized with such a
significant award,” said David Legg, President, Canadian Paralympic
Committee. “I have loved every minute of my association with the
Paralympic Movement and that is perhaps reward enough, however being
recognized with such luminaries is a distinct pleasure.”

The Diamond Jubilee medals provide an opportunity to honour exceptional
Canadians for their contributions to their fellow citizens, communities
and country. During the year of celebrations, 60,000 deserving
Canadians from across the country and various walks of life will be

The following were recipients today of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond
Jubilee Medal:

London 2012 Olympians
Brent Hayden, Bronze Medallist, Swimming
Dorothy Ludwig, Shooting
Michael Mason, Athletics
Riley McCormick, Diving
Tobias Ng, Badminton
Catharine Pendrel, Cycling
Jessica Smith, Athletics
Michael Wilkinson, Rowing
Courtnay Pilypaitis, Basketball
Nick Tritton, Judo
Joelle Numainville, Cycling
Aleksandra Wozniak, Tennis
Sasha Mehmedovic, Judo

London 2012 Paralympians
Kevin Evans, Archery
Nathan Dewitt, Athletics
Braedon Dolfo, Athletics
Dustin Walsh, Athletics
Dylan Williamson, Athletics Guide
Josh Vander Vies, Boccia, 2012 Bronze medallist
Doug Ripley, Goalball
Meghan Montgomery, Rowing
Joan Reid, Rowing
Tony Theriault, Rowing
Stacie Louttit, Sailing, 2008 Bronze medallist
John McRoberts, Sailing, 2008 Bronze medallist
Doug Blessin, Shooting
Christos Trifonidis, Shooting
Scott Patterson, Swimming, 2002 Bronze medallist (alpine skiing)
Nathan Stein, Swimming, 2012 Silver medallist
Janet McLachlan, Wheelchair Basketball
Jessica Vliegenthart, Wheelchair Basketball
Ian Chan, Wheelchair Rugby, 2012 Silver, 2008 Bronze, 2004 Silver
Trevor Hirschfield, Wheelchair Rugby, 2012 Silver medallist, 2008 Bronze
Travis Murao, Wheelchair Rugby, 2012 Silver medallist
Jason Dunkerley, Athletics, 2012 Silver and Bronze medallist, 2008
Bronze medallist,
2004 Silver medallist, 2000 Silver medallist
Jonathan Dunkerley, Athletics
Joshua Karanja, Athletics – Guide, 2012 Silver and Bronze medallist
Brianna Jennett-McNeill, Swimming

Canadian Paralympic Committee Recipients
Josh Dueck, Athlete, Para-Alpine Skiing, 2010 Silver Medallist
Michael Edgson, Athlete, Swimming/Builder/Coach, 1992 Gold (five-time)
and Silver
medallist, 1998 Gold medallist (eight-time); 1984 Gold (four-time) and
Silver medallist
Jennifer Krempien, Athlete, Wheelchair Basketball, 2004 Bronze
2000/1996/1992 Gold medallist
Lilo Ljubisic, Athlete, Athletics, 1996 Bronze medallist (two-time),
1992 Gold and Silver
medallist, 1988 Bronze medallist
Tyler Mosher, Athlete, Para-Nordic
Patrick Harris, Builder
Laurel Crosby, Builder
John Cumberbirch, Builder
Jane James, Builder
Terrie Moore, Builder
Isabel Reinertson, Builder
Elisabeth Walker-Young, Builder/Athlete, Swimming, 2004 Bronze
medallist, 2000 Gold
medalist (three-time), 1996 Bronze medallist
Annie Johnston, Builder
Tim Frick, Coach
Reg Shaw, Coach
Herb Torrance, Coach
Janet Dunn, Coach/Builder
David Legg, Builder
Jordan Bridal, Builder
Michelle Killins, Builder
Linda Sheehan, Builder
Lorette Dupuis, Builder
Dr. Richard Goudie, Builder
Blair McIntosh, Builder
Dr. Jennifer McTavish, Builder
Craig McCord, Coach
Carla Qualtrough, Builder
Andrea Carey, Builder
Rob Needham, Builder
Gaétan Tardif, Builder
Jim Westlake, Builder
Hugh Conlin, Coach

Please note that all London 2012 athletes will be receiving the Diamond
Jubilee medal. These names announced today are of those who were
present at the awards events held in Vancouver and Ottawa.

SOURCE Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC)

Source: PR Newswire