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Atego Launches Atego Asset Library

January 30, 2013

SAN DIEGO and CHELTENHAM, England, January 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Atego provides a highly scalable, web based, system and software engineering asset
repository, enabling publication, discovery and reuse.

Atego Asset Library – Communication Platform

Atego(TM), the leading independent supplier of collaborative development tools for
engineering complex, mission- and safety-critical systems and software, has launched Atego
Asset Library, a ground breaking repository, enabling large-scale system and software
engineering asset publication and reuse.

“The launch of Atego Asset Library is a significant extension to Atego’s strategic
product portfolio, helping our customers design and build Component Based, Service
Oriented and modular Systems of Systems,” said Hedley Apperly, Vice-President of Product
and Marketing at Atego. “Atego Asset Library enables top-down, architected modular
engineering, bottom-up artifact mining and middle-out asset reuse.”

Atego Asset Library dramatically simplifies asset publication, management and reuse.
Based on the OMG’s Reusable Asset Specification (RAS), the underlying database is
intentionally generalist, making it suitable for all types of project assets. Atego Asset
Library then extends RAS to provide dedicated features for systems and software component
& service publication, as well as seamless integration with UML & SysML for component and
service based design.

“The OMG’s goal is to provide a vendor-neutral platform for driving standards such as
the Reusable Asset Specification (RAS),” commented Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D., chairman and
CEO, OMG. “We are excited by Atego’s implementation of the OMG RAS, enabling system &
software asset reuse, particularly at ‘design time’ with UML and SysML. This is yet more
evidence of OMG standards improving engineering productivity.”

Atego Asset Library is a true enabler for enterprise scale asset reuse. It’s simple,
secure and powerful user interface publishes assets, over the web, to anyone who needs
them. Asset meta-data, traceable links and management dashboards reduce the levels of
complexity, help you plan for change, and prove real returns on your investments.

“Bloor believes that an Intelligent Asset Library should be under consideration by any
organization building complex systems or software” said David Norfolk, Practice Leader at
Bloor Research. “The time is now ripe for the introduction of standards-based re-usable
asset libraries, with realistic aspirations and oriented towards systems-engineering
principles. Atego Asset Library is such a product and Bloor expects it to do well.”

For More Information, visit http://www.atego.com/products/atego-asset-library

About OMG

OMG is an international, open membership, not-for-profit computer industry standards
consortium. OMG Task Forces develop enterprise integration standards for a wide range of
technologies and an even wider range of industries. OMG’s modeling standards enable
powerful visual design, execution and maintenance of software and other processes.

About Bloor Research

Bloor Research is one of Europe’s leading IT research, analysis and consultancy
organisations. We explain how to bring greater Agility to corporate IT systems through the
effective governance, management and leverage of Information. We have built a reputation
for ‘telling the whole story’ with independent, intelligent, well-articulated
communications content and publications on all aspects of the ICT industry. Founded in
1989, we have spent over two decades distributing research and analysis to IT user and
vendor organisations throughout the world via online subscriptions, tailored research
services, events and consultancy projects. We are committed to turning our knowledge into
business value for you.

About Atego

Atego is a world leading software tools and professional services company, focused on
helping organizations engineer complex, mission- and safety-critical systems and software.
With today’s systems and software engineering projects continually growing in complexity,
Atego’s collaborative development

tools, robust runtime environments, certification know-how and supporting services
enable abstraction, optimization and automation – dramatically increasing quality,
security and productivity. http://www.Atego.com

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