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Tote Bet on Fantasy Football!

January 31, 2013

LONDON, January 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Betfred has signed a deal with TotelFootball to make pool betting on fantasy football
available to Totepool.com customers. This is the first deal the Tote, now owned by
Betfred, has done with a third party to supply a pool product and is indicative of
Betfred’s ambitions to take pool betting to a new level, across all sports,
internationally. Furthermore the intention is to explore offering the pool based fantasy
football game across the ToteDirect network so that partner bookmakers can also offer this
exciting product to their users.

Betfred and TotelFootball have signed a deal which will see TotelFootball provide a
fantasy football pool betting service to Totepool.com customers in the coming months and
potentially across Tote Direct next season.

TotelFootball operates a service which brings the excitement of pool betting to the
millions of fantasy football managers around the planet. Each customer picks a team of
Premier League players and stakes an amount to enter the team into the game. The game runs
over a weekend set of fixtures with players earning points based on their performance. The
better the players perform, the more points each team earns with the top 10% of teams
sharing the prize pool.

Bets can be placed into the pool across multiple channels: online web sites and mobile
applications. The service can be localised in terms of language, currency and leagues and
is sure to appeal to Totepool’s international betting partners.

Keith McDonnell, Business Development Director for TotelFootball, says: “Liquidity is
key to the success of any pools betting service. In working with Totepool.com we can
quickly drive liquidity which will transform an already great game into an attractive
betting proposition offering high returns.”

“TotelFootball is delighted to work with the longest established and most credible
pools betting operator in the world. In working with Totepool we have taken a huge step
towards building a truly global pool for betting on fantasy football,” added McDonnell.

Eddie Bennett, Head of Totepool.com, commented: “We are committed to expanding our
range of pool betting products beyond horse racing and into other sports. Given the
popularity of fantasy football we view TotelFootball’s fantasy football solution as a
logical fit for our ever expanding ‘Fantasy Pools’ proposition. Furthermore, we recognise
that our B2B network could deliver some headline grabbing payouts for fantasy football
fans. We are very excited by this opportunity and aim to soft launch the product at
Totepool.com over the coming months.”

For more information, please visit our web site at http://www.totelfootball.com.

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        Chris Cullinane

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