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MagicHoldem Presents a Personal Poker Coach

February 6, 2013

LONDON, February 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

MagicHoldem [http://www.magicholdem.com ], a developer of online poker-related
educational tools and services, has announced the release of its latest and most
extraordinary product to date – a unique, real-time personal poker coach. The
newly-released, real-time companion poker tool combines in-play odds and insight, with
pregame and post-game leak analysis, playing stats and recommendations. Poker-playing
legend Tony G is already a fan.

“This is the next best thing to having me beside you at the table,” said Tony G about
the product.

Providing in-depth analysis of a player’s playing style before and after they play,
combined with the real-time tips and insight of the renowned MagicHoldem poker odds
calculator, the MagicHoldem personal poker coach is a companion poker tool that guides
casual poker players and beginners session by session, as they eliminate weaknesses, learn
poker strategy, and improve their game.

During the development process, the coach’s creators consulted with poker superstar
Tony G. The Lithuanian-born legend was happy to help and believes the poker coach is a
great solution for casual players looking to improve their game: “Poker is a fun game, but
if you’re not learning, you’ll soon be losing,” Tony G said. “The personal poker coach is
there to help you develop a winning style like mine.”

Using sophisticated profiling algorithms, the coach identifies a player’s playing
style, pinpoints his strengths and weaknesses, and automatically generates a concise
personalized summary designed to refine and elevate the player’s game.

Highlights include:

Lifetime poker stats and analysis
Poker-playing style analysis
Playing tips and weak-spot analysis
Post-session summary and stats
Post-session leaks analysis
One-click access to poker rooms

The first poker software of its kind, the coach is a lightweight, Windows-based
desktop application. Players can download the personal poker coach and sample its benefits
for a free trial period or enjoy it for a full year with the free license program
available in select poker rooms.

The MagicHoldem software is available for use in all major online poker rooms
including 888, PokerStars, PartyPoker, Titan Poker, Bet365 and more.

MagicHoldem was founded in 2009 by a group of software and business professionals with
a common vision: to help poker players learn the game, play better poker, and enjoy it
more. The company offers powerful, user-friendly poker tools that guide new and
intermediate players as they gain experience and improve their winning skills playing
Texas hold’em poker online. Customized products are also available to poker operators. For
more details contact marketing@magicholdem.com.

        For additional information please contact:
        Roy Samuelov,
        VP Business Development,

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