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Be An Undercover Culture Vulture With Stalker: Secret Photo App

February 8, 2013

LONDON, February 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

What do art galleries, lecture halls, museums, football matches, fashion week and the
theatre all have in common?

All are designed to entertain or expand the mind, but patrons attempting to capture
the moment on film will likely find themselves swiftly ejected, with the very real
possibility of having their camera confiscated to boot.

But now there’s a clever way to snap the shots that nobody else dares to take, with
Stalker, a super stealthy app for iPhone
[https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/stalker/id471036089?mt=8 ].

Stalker enables the user to ‘cloak’ the phone’s camera – so that prying eyes (and
ears!) are none the wiser. As well as disabling sound and screen, the shutter will
automatically activate, making it possible to take photos while pretending to be making a
phone call.

The app has been featured on ITV’s This Morning programme and is used globally by
iPhone owners at events where camera is normally frowned upon.

The app has been created by the creative tech team at Dorset-based digital agency

Sam Allen, Marketing Director of Zeta, said:”Whether you’ve wangled an invite to a
glitzy bash and can’t resist taking a sneaky snap of a ‘sleb; or you’re desperate to have
a photo of you next to the Mona Lisa as your screensaver,Stalker
[http://www.stalker-app.com ] puts the ‘hot’ and the ‘rap’ into photography.

“Obviously we’re not suggesting you do anything illegal – but if you do, the chances
of getting caught are a lot lower if you use Stalker.”


For more information or press enquiries please contact Sam Allen sam@zeta.net

Director, Roger Allen, Direct: +44-7718-635-949, Email: roger@directors.zeta.net


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