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Crossroads Welcomes CIDA Review

February 12, 2013

BURLINGTON, ON, Feb. 11, 2013 /CNW/ – Since 1982, Crossroads Christian
Communications, through the generous support of tens of thousands of
Canadian partners, has met the needs of hurting people all over the
world.  In this 30 year period Crossroads has provided over $35,000,000
in relief and development aid to more than 41 countries.  During the
last 10 years, Crossroads has been an effective Non-Governmental
Organization (NGO) partner of the Canadian International Development
Agency (CIDA). CIDA has contributed $2,664,000 during this time.

Crossroads is not anti-gay.  At the heart of the Crossroads organization
is a desire to love people unconditionally and to serve them
selflessly.   Crossroads believes that God, as the Creator of the human
race, outlines in the Bible ways for us to live in order to experience
the most fulfilling life possible, and that God’s blueprint encourages
sexuality within a marriage. This same blueprint instructs loving
others, just like God does, with an infinite value for every human
being regardless of differences that include gender, race, religion,
and sexuality, and to endeavor in every way, to ensure that people are
treated with love, compassion and respect.  In this way, people can
show love and respect to each other even when they disagree.

The Ugandan government is currently considering legislation with respect
to homosexual activity. Crossroads provides aid based solely on human
need and does not discriminate, nor does Crossroads attempt to
influence or lobby foreign governments or policies. Having said that,
Crossroads supports the Canadian government’s position that strongly
opposes the criminalization of homosexuality and violence on the basis
of sexual orientation.

Crossroads appreciated the inquiry from a Canadian Press reporter who
brought to the organization’s attention an archival link on the website
that was to have been removed some time ago.

Crossroads’ purpose and approach to its relief and development
initiatives is to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to people
affected by disaster, famine, poverty and war while facilitating
effective long-term development programs in their communities.
Crossroads with its supporters first began development work in Northern
Uganda in 2006 and to date has provided over $3,200,000 in aid.   In
2011, Crossroads qualified for a fund matching program, totaling
$499,813 through CIDA to multiply their humanitarian work. This project
was for the installation and refurbishment of wells for clean water,
the installation of latrines for sanitation, and training to sustain
these efforts. Crossroads has a proven track record for a high standard
of delivery on defined goals and objectives set out in agreements with
CIDA, which are strictly for humanitarian relief and development. 
Crossroads welcomes the review by CIDA as referenced by Minister Julian
Fantino so that funding continues for the families in such desperate
need of clean drinking water and sanitation.

About Crossroads Christian Communications (Crossroads)

Crossroads is Canada’s leader in providing faith and values media
content for people of all ages. 100 Huntley Street, the flagship
television program of Crossroads was founded by Rev. David Mainse and
is the longest running daily Christian television program in Canada.
Crossroads provides relevant messages of faith and inspiration for
millions of Canadians and has done so for 50 years. Its mission is to
convey the unchanging message of God’s love to people around the world.
Crossroads interacts with its viewers via 24/7 prayer lines, and it has
also been a highly respected and effective not-for-profit aid agency
for 30 years, having responded in times of natural disaster worldwide,
raising funds and partnering with on-site, non-government organizations
for emergency relief and long-term rebuilding strategies. www.crossroads.ca

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