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Apple iPhones Lead Android Smartphones for Time Spent With Gaming Apps

February 12, 2013

COLUMBIA, Md., Feb. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — A larger percentage of iPhone® users in the Arbitron Mobile U.S. smartphone panel–85.7 percent–played mobile gaming apps in December 2012 compared to Android(TM)-using panelists–76 percent. iPhone mobile gamers in the panel also accessed gaming apps more often with an average of 151.5 sessions each month than Android gamers, who accessed gaming apps an average of 94.6 sessions a month.

iPhone gamers in the panel spent an average of 12 hours, 23 minutes using mobile gaming apps in December. In contrast, game-playing panelists with Android smartphones spent an average of 8 hours, 4 minutes with game apps.

    Mobile gaming apps          iOS users in panel     Android users in panel
    ------------------          ------------------     ----------------------
    Percent any use/month                        85.7%                    76.0%
    ---------------------                         ----                    ----

    Mobile gaming apps          iOS gamers in panel    Android gamers in panel
    ------------------          -------------------    -----------------------
    Average minutes spent/month                  743.1                   484.0
    ---------------------------                  -----                   -----
    Average # of sessions/month                  151.5                    94.6
    ---------------------------                  -----                    ----

Source: Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels(TM) Service; United States; December 2012

Gaming garners the most time spent for any smartphone functions

Mobile gamers, who account for 78.8 percent of the U.S. panel, spent more time with their gaming apps–9 hours, 54 minutes–than smartphone users spent with other apps and functions such as social networking, messaging, browsing, and voice calls.

    Smartphone function      Users of the function: Percent of panelists
                            average time spent/month using the function
    (all OSs)                   (minutes)
    --------                    --------
    Gaming                                         594.1              78.8%
    ------                                         -----              ----
    Social Networking                              477.0              84.5%
    -----------------                              -----              ----
    Messaging (SMS and MMS)                        447.9              96.4%
    ----------------------                         -----              ----
    Browsing                                       447.8              99.3%
    --------                                       -----              ----
    Calls                                          418.6              96.0%
    -----                                          -----              ----

Source: Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels Service; United States; December 2012

Top games vary by platform

Words With Friends(TM) was the most popular game among all Arbitron Mobile smartphone panelists in December. The game has a larger proportion of fans among iPhone users than among Android users.

    Game Title                   User share       Game title         User share
                                  of Apple                           of Android
                                  iPhones                              phones
                                  in panel                            in panel
    ---                           --------                            --------
    Words With Friends                      26.1% Words With Friends            16.0%
    ------------------                      ----  ------------------            ----
    Scramble With Friends(TM)       11.4% Angry Birds(TM) Star Wars(TM)         16.0%
    ------------------------          ---- ----------------------------         ----
    Temple Run(TM)                          11.1% Scramble With Friends          9.6%
    -------------                           ----  ---------------------          ---
    The Simpsons(TM): Tapped Out            10.8% Drag Racing                    7.3%
    ----------------------------            ----  -----------                    ---
    Draw Something(TM)                      10.6% Fruit Ninja                    6.3%
    -----------------                       ----  -----------                    ---

Source: Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels Service; United States; December 2012

For selected top games that are available to users of Apple iOS and Google Android, different platforms delivered the most avid fans in terms of users, time spent with the games, and user sessions.

                    Game  Platform Share of      Gamer time       Average #
                              platform users     spent/month     of sessions
                                                   (minutes)     among gamers
    ---                                            --------      ------------
    Words With Friends    All                19.6%           235.0            71.1
                          iOS                26.1%           279.9            78.9
                          Android            16.0%           182.0            62.0
                          -------            ----            -----            ----
    Scramble With Friends All                10.0            107.2            25.7
                          iOS                11.4            136.3            31.4
                          Android             9.6             82.1            20.7
                          -------             ---             ----            ----
    Draw Something        All                 7.2             89.4            22.5
                          iOS                10.6             85.3            21.7
                          Android             5.2             95.4            23.6
                          -------             ---             ----            ----
    SlotomaniaSM          All                 7.1             92.7            27.4
                          iOS                 9.6             70.4            25.7
                          Android             5.6            120.2            29.5
                          -------             ---            -----            ----
    SongPop(TM)           All                 6.1             88.4            20.5
                          iOS                 7.8            113.8            25.5
                          Android             5.2             60.6            15.0
                          -------             ---             ----            ----

Source: Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels Service; United States; December 2012

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