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Super Bowl XLVII Caps Season of Successful NFL Global Distribution With RRSat

February 20, 2013

AIRPORT CITY BUSINESS PARK, Israel, February 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. [http://www.rrsat.com ] (NASDAQ: RRST), a
leading provider of comprehensive digital content management and global distribution
services to the television and radio broadcasting industries, announced today that it has
successfully wrapped up distribution of the 2012-13 NFL regular season games and playoffs
to Europe and Asia including a live broadcast of the memorable 2013 Super Bowl.

In November 2012, RRsat acquired SM2 Sports & Media Solutions
[http://www.rrsat.com/files/files/RRsat-SM2 PR-13-11-12.pdf ], a premier provider of
international sports distribution and syndication services, and took over the main
responsibility for delivering the NFL’s regular season games, playoffs, Pro Bowl and Super
Bowl throughout Asia and Europe via its satellite and fiber networks.

During the regular season, RRsat delivered up to eight simultaneous games every
Sunday, as well as Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football. During the 2012-2013
playoffs, RRsat delivered all games to Europe and Asia followed by the Pro Bowl and Super
Bowl XLVII. The advantage of the RRsat solution was providing the NFL with complete Dolby
audio remapping and very high data rates on both satellite and fiber for all their HD

“RRsat’s end-to-end solution allowed the NFL to deliver high quality, HD transmissions
of season and postseason games to millions of fans across the world in real time, with 28
audio versions tailored for each market,” said Jeff Lombardi, Director of International
Production Operations, NFL Films [http://www.nflfilms.com ].

“RRsat is proud to have provided a live sports delivery solution that enabled the NFL
to transmit the complete season of its iconic games, as well as the Super Bowl, to viewers
worldwide in real time,” said Avi Cohen, CEO of RRsat. “We look forward to helping the NFL
expand the international reach of both its season and postseason games. Our flexible
infrastructure and advanced solutions proved equal to the rigorous demands of broadcasting
the most exciting US sports event of the year to fans throughout the world.”

About NFL Films

For more information visit NFL Films at http://www.nflfilms.com

About RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd.

RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: RRST) provides global, end-to-end,
digital content management and distribution services to the rapidly expanding television
and radio broadcasting industries, covering more than 150 countries. Through its RRsat
Global Network, composed of satellite and terrestrial fiber optic capacity and the public
Internet, RRsat provides high-quality and flexible global distribution services 24/7 to
more than 630 channels reaching multiplatform operators, Internet TV and direct-to-home
viewers worldwide. RRsat also offers contribution services for sports, news and events. In
addition, more than 130 television and radio channels use RRsat’s advanced production and
playout centers comprising comprehensive media asset management services. Visit the
company’s website http://www.rrsat.com

Information in this press release concerning NFL Films is based on information
provided by NFL Films and has not been independently verified by RRsat.

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27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange
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