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World Day of Social Justice: Views from Greece, China, France and Italy

February 20, 2013

TAMPERE, Finland, February 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

gbtimes.com marks World Day of Social Justice with a special series of articles from
our local branches throughout the world. As Andrew Jones, Section Manager for News,
pointed out in an article to introduce the theme of social justice
[http://gbtimes.com/lifestyle/social-issues/world-day-social-justice-views-greece-china-france-and-italy ]
, while “(t)here is surely no objective sense of justice. Our political,
religious and cultural views inform our thinking on who should get what and what we – and
others – can and cannot do.”

The series of articles look at the ongoing debates in Greece, France, Italy and China;
and bring into focus the different issues these countries face.

With two out of every three people aged 16-25 unemployed, Greece faces the problem of
youth unemployment. Our team in Athens talked to some of those affected for their views on
the future
[http://gbtimes.com/lifestyle/social-issues/social-justice-greeces-lost-generation-see-no-future ]

In Italy, a “social tsunami”
[http://gbtimes.com/lifestyle/social-issues/social-justice-losing-home-losing-grip-shadow-home-foreclosure-across-italy ]
is hitting people hard. Rising unemployment has brought
with it a new problem: unable to pay the mortgage, more and more people are losing their
homes. Yet despite this damaging trend, the press remain almost silent.

Our feature on China
[http://gbtimes.com/focus/politics/bridging-gap-between-chinas-rich-and-poor ] looks at the
disparity in the distribution of wealth across the country and social groups, access to
education and healthcare, and how things might be changing for the better.

In France, there is currently a struggle over the right of marriage for everyone.
There is though hope that legislation on ‘marriage for all’
[http://gbtimes.com/lifestyle/social-issues/social-justice-france-can-marriage-be-everyone ]
can yet be passed in April.

Read the complete reports on gbtimes.com [http://gbtimes.com/search/site/social
justice ] and take part in the discussion of this very important topic.

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