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Artprice Partners With Artron, China’s Leading Art Market Information Processor, in a Now Bipolar Global Art Market

February 21, 2013

PARIS, February 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Artprice’s strategic alliance with Artron represents an unprecedented move with an
immediate impact on today’s bipolar map of the global Art Market. Among the many synergies
expected from this partnership, Artprice’s exclusive access to previously unavailable key
data concerning the Chinese art market will allow an even truer vision of the global
market and will give the two global art-information majors full control over market data
processing, market dematerialization activities and an entire range of global art market
value chains.

According to Thierry Ehrmann, founder and CEO of Artprice, “this unique and exclusive
alliance with Artron will allow total mastery of an art market that has become bipolar
(i.e. the West plus Asia).” Artron is the major global player in China and Greater Asia.
Artprice and Artron consider their alliance to have been patiently constructed over time
via reciprocal diplomacy in the framework of a long-term strategy. Over the years,
Artprice and Artron have developed a thorough understanding of China’s leadership
ambitions with respect to the global art market.

Beyond the economic interests flowing from the parties’ contractual obligations, this
alliance will allow Artprice to distribute a fair and accurate picture of the global art
market in real time to its global clients, the main news agencies, 6,300 publications
worldwide and its 2.3 million members.

In historical terms, China was the world’s leading artistic light-house for many
centuries. During the 19th and 20th centuries, its relative absence from the West – while
it developed its internal market – coincided with the development in the West of the
standards, both academic and economic, that prevail in today’s global art market. However,
this period of relative absence is rapidly closing and China is once again keen to project
its influence and culture around the globe.

It is therefore entirely logical for Artron to ally itself with Artprice – the world
leader in art market information – in order to promote China’s legitimate art market
supremacy through the statistical auction data prism that Artprice has imposed on the art
market as world leader since 1987.

In exchange, Artron will open the door of “Greater China” to Artprice, allowing it to
develop a very strong position for its various business activities in the region alongside
a powerful ally and leader in this vast territory.

The know-how of AMMA -Art Market Monitor of Artron- in processing and analysing
China’s market data and information will ultimately allow Artprice to analyse and decipher
the mechanisms of the global art market without any cultural bias. The same is true for
Artron whose skills (catalogues, publications, Chinese market data flows and comprehensive
databases on the Chinese art market) are perfectly complementary to Artprice’s activities.
Indeed, based on their respective skills, the two firms will be able to enrich each
other’s areas of expertise (databases, economic analyses, Standardised Marketplaces, art
market econometrics) and will consolidate their already vital roles in the growth and
development of the global art market.

The dialogue initiated in the framework of the preparation of Artprice’s Annual Art
Market Report in early March 2013 is a perfect illustration of the natural alliance
between know-how of two companies, both leaders in their respective fields and segments.

As a result of this exclusive alliance, Artprice will be able to diffuse an
economically fair and balanced view of the art market in both Asia and the West through
its global networks. The alliance with Artron will allow Artprice to apprehend the Asian
market with knowledge and information that Artron has taken over 20 years to acquire and
develop. This alliance is strictly non-competitive since Artron’s activity sectors
(publishers, support for Chinese auction operators, newsflows on local art scenes, etc.)
are specific to China and are not the same as Artprice’s.

The historical objective of AMMA -Art Market Monitor of Artron- and Artprice is to
generate major global synergies in the field of art market data analysis and the
production of information that is adapted to today’s bipolar art market.

About AMMA, a subsidiary of GROUPE Artron

AMMA -Art Market Monitor of Artron- is a subsidiary of GROUPE Artron. AMMA is a
research center committed to comprehensive monitoring and in-depth analysis of the Chinese
Art Market. The research and advisory services are sourced from Artron’s database,
recognized as the largest and most credible database on the Chinese art market with more
than 2.5 million artworks listed and auction results from all over China. For each artwork
listed the database contains high definition images and is supplemented with information
from more than 500 auction houses ever since China Guardian commenced auction activities
in China in 1993. Using statistical and econometric methodology, AMMA observes the price
trends of the Chinese art market as well as the specific movements regarding particular
specialty markets, categories or artists. AMMA also provides data analysis, technical
valuations and pricing advice. It also organizes seminars for individual and institutional

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art market trends for the main news agencies and 6,300 international written media. For
its 2.072 million members (member log in), Artprice posts standardized adverts in what is
today the world’s leading Standardised Marketplace(R) for buying and selling works of art
by private contract or at auctions -regulated by French law alineas 2 et 3 de l’article L
321.3 du code du commerce-

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