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Shopwyre Launches Leading Brands Bacardi and Finish Into Their eCommerce Future

February 27, 2013

LONDON, February 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Brands at the forefront of digital – including Reckitt Benckiser and Bacardi – have
teamed up with Shopwyre [http://www.shopwyre.com ], the leading edge eCommerce technology,
to drive and track online sales by turning their own marketing touchpoints into
multi-retailer points of sale.

With one click and without being taken away to the retailer website, consumers can add
products to their personal shopping basket at their chosen online store from any
Shopwyre-enabled brand touchpoint – a brand website or Facebook page, a print ad or TV
commercial, even the product pack or branded merchandise.

Shopwyre’s cutting edge technology presents live pricing and special offer information
to consumers directly from the retailers. And its special algorithims filter products
according to their distribution and availability at the different retailers.

With online groceries forecast to grow by 98% over the next 4 years in the UK, and
with Click and Collect fast gaining ground throughout Europe, the US and other markets,
Shopwyre is dedicated to equipping both FMCG and non-FMCG brands with the eCommerce tools
they need for a digital future.

By integrating brand content with commerce, Shopwyre enables brands to extend their
sales opportunities beyond the retailer platforms. It empowers them to have a new, direct
dialogue with consumers at the point of sale – a point of sale which they control. For the
first time, brands can decide how their products are sold online – from promoting
different products at different times to creating a whole new, compelling and truly
distinctive online shopping experience.

Quick and easy to implement (a platform can be up and running in a matter of hours),
Shopwyre’s fully brandable and customisable interfaces allow brands to build their
eCommerce offering according to their unique character, products and target audience, and
thereby maximise marketing ROI.

Peter Clare, Head of Digital at Bacardi, says, “We were excited by the results of our
initial exploration with Shopwyre. The sophistication and flexibility of Shopwyre’s
technology means we can both build meaningful relationships with our target audience via
our digital platforms and drive sales to our retail partners’ online shops.”

And Shopwyre not only helps drive sales. It tracks them as well, so that brands can
directly observe and gain unique insight into online shopper activity and behaviour.

For their part, retailers can simply sit back and watch shoppers fill their baskets
from new and diverse places on the internet and in the physical world. Shopwyre promotes
synergy and collaboration between brands and retailers in order to drive mutual growth and
opportunity in online sales.

Co-Founder Katie Harvey says, “Today brands are using Shopwyre to capture sales among
engaged visitors on the brand website and Facebook page. However, the evolution of
Shopwyre technology involves taking the store to consumers in their own environment and
enabling them to purchase products whenever and wherever via their smart phones and
tablets – whilst watching a TV ad or walking past a bus stop ad on their commute home for
example. Today’s path to purchase is customer-driven and multi-touchpoint.

“FMCG brands are just at the start of a long eCommerce journey. With its current and
future offerings, Shopwyre ensures that they successfully embrace it to become market
leaders in a fast-emerging digital world.”


SOURCE Shopwyre

Source: PR Newswire