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i’m Watch Starts a New and Smart Fitness Concept at Mobile World Congress: i’msport

February 27, 2013

BARCELONA, Spain, February 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Following the amazing success of the first smartwatch worldwide, i’m Watch has grown
to become a cult object for technology enthusiasts and is now ready to make its debut at
the Mobile World Congress with a new app for those who love to work out: i’msport
[http://www.imsmart.com/en/i-m-watch/characteristics ].

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With i’msport, “Fitness goes Smart”. You can use Bluetooth to connect your i’m Watch
to a Zephyr heart rate sensor, you can monitor your heartbeat, you can set the workout
length and time your activities with a special app. This is why we can say that i’m Watch
is much more than a sports watch, it is a fitness tool! The outstanding properties of i’m
Watch make it suitable for wearing on and off road, on a bike, on the treadmill and on any
other surface. i’m Watch will be your running coach on the wrist and help you keep track
of your records. i’m Watch: WEAR it and be FIT! On the occasion of this launch, readers
can use the promocode of 50 EUR to be used on the online store
[http://www.imsmart.com/en/store ] http://www.imsmart.com/en (promocode mwc2013 – valid
until March 4th 2013)

Another breakthrough is represented by the new operating system i’m Droid 2.1 and the
launch of the Bluetooth stack designed for user-friendly and speedy connection of your i’m
Watch with your smartphone, as well as increased stability of the connection. At the same
time, a new upgrade for the Handsfree device will be launched to optimize the quality of
all calls and the performance of your Handsfree device in any environment.

“After little more than one month from the CES, a new i’m Watch evolution shows
evidence that our R&D activities are continuing very intensively” – state Manuel Zanella
and Massimiliano Bertolini, inventors of the smartwatch. “We introduced the version 2.1 of
the operating system, providing for a whole lot of software innovations that make i’m
Watch even more versatile. One of them is a new challenging application tied to the sport
field and called i’msport. For the first time in the world, users will be able to monitor
their exercise while making calls, listening to music, reading text messages and read a
tweet all in one device with an “Android core” customized by our technicians. This new app
aims at making i’m Watch a “professional” Sport Device but most of all at fostering a
through-change of the traditional “watch” approach, merging the concept of wearable
technology for everyday life and the one of a sportwatch. Why have two devices when just
one is enough?”.

Great success also surrounds the presentation in Europe of another new product: i’m
Here [http://www.imsmart.com/en/i-m-here/overview ]. It is a Smart Locator GPS that
detects your location as well as that of other persons. But most of all, it allows you to
send off an SOS rescue-call by just pressing a panic button, which can be life-saving in
certain emergencies.

All details available on the online store
[http://www.imsmart.com/en/store/buy-i-m-watch/color-buy ] on the website
http://www.imsmart.com or on facebook [http://www.facebook.com/imwatch ] or on the
press area [http://www.imsmart.com/en/other/press-centre ].




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