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Customers Set to Control the Marketing in 2013

March 1, 2013

LONDON, March 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

A report published by Info Marketing Experts reveals that over 2 thirds of marketing
professionals in Europe will focus on Customer Relationship Management in 2013.

The tactical priorities of marketing professionals in 2013 will be focused mainly on
the relationship with the customer according to a report published here
[http://www.infomarketingexperts.com/2013/02/27/customer-is-key-in-2013 ]. Following a
survey and discussion, companies want to focus less on big spending marketing initiatives
and more on customer insight and interaction.

“It is no surprise to us that companies are shifting their marketing priorities this
year. We have long been aware that having a communicative relationship with the customer
is essential to our success.”

Giles Fletcher, Managing Director, Discount Displays
[http://www.discountdisplays.co.uk ]

The report continues by claiming that over two thirds of businesses and marketing
professionals already believe that focusing on the customer rather than brand management
is the only way to ensure business growth. ‘Strengthening the brand’ was cited as being
important, but is now being seen more as a natural growth from investment in CRM. Already,
figures released by the Cranford School of Management show that virtually all European
marketing professionals are focused on CRM compared to their US counterparts who still
consider brand management and policy to be of a higher importance.

“The global economic downturn has forced many companies to rethink their marketing
strategy in 2013. It makes sense to spend more time interacting with the customer -
perhaps now more then ever – as people are less able and less willing to spend.”

Alistair Gray, Managing Director, Ortak [http://www.ortak.co.uk ]

The report further revealed figures indicating that companies are already investing
heavily in CRM with recruitment of Brand Managers dropping by a third in the UK and
recruitment of Customer Specialists up by double the amount. Whether or not the global
public are aware of these marketing shifts is open to debate according to Info Marketing
Experts, but the statistics do indicate that the customer is in a strong position to
influence market trends for the foreseeable future.

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