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2013 NBA All Star Weekend Games Powered by Extricom’s WLAN Channel Blanket Technology

March 4, 2013

NEW YORK, March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Extricom [http://www.extricom.com ] Ltd., the enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN)
manufacturer that provides seamless mobility with its patented Channel Blanket(TM)
[http://www.extricom.com/category/benefits ] architecture, and its US partner,
SignalShare, successfully deployed the WLAN at the NBA 2013 All Star weekend. Fans of the
game were given free access to Wi-Fi and took full advantage of fast, clear connectivity
at Houston’s famed 18,023 seated Toyota Center. Installed and managed by SignalShare, and
backed by Extricom’s WLAN technology, journalists were able to stream real-time content
and fans were able to access social media, an NBA All Star App, and a host of other
digital platforms.

Home to the Houston Rockets, the Toyota Center proudly hosted the 62nd edition of the
NBA All Star Games for 2013. The SignalShare team faced a tremendous challenge satisfying
bandwidth demand in the high-density environment of the Toyota Center. “We had the
challenge of providing 3 full days of Wi-Fi in a very crowded arena, guaranteeing VIP fans
with specially secured, fully-reliable Wi-Fi throughout the event, numerous journalists
dependent on us for their live, on-camera reports, and thousands of fans with smart phones
and tablets. That’s a lot of pressure on any network,” Commented Eddie Hales,
SignalShare’s VP of Sales.

Specially designed to handle LPVs (Large Public Venues), Extricom’s Channel
Blanket(TM) technology was selected for the job where the objectives were high-quality
reception, uninterrupted coverage and seamless roaming for the duration of the event. The
Channel blanket, as opposed to cell architecture, is optimal for large public venues. The
Channel blanket technology eliminates the cell architecture co-channel interference,
assuring valuable system bandwidth is used.

The installation included Extricom’s LV-2000 switches, RP-22En access points with
directional antennas to ensure maximum transmission power to every user, and a dedicated
Extricom NMS (Networking Management System).

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, SignalShare provides temporary and permanent wireless
Internet solutions for the sports and entertainment industries. The All Star Weekend Games
were the ideal venue to showcase the Extricom’s innovative Wi-Fi solutions, dramatically
changing the way fans watch a sporting event in a stadium. In less than a decade, the
experience has become a digital hybrid – not only for fans at home, but rather, a
fully-hybrid event, as the demand for connectivity is fast on the rise everywhere, and not
only courtside.

“The All Star Weekend or any large sports event is an enormous challenge for any Wi-Fi
vendor,” says Dan Kirtchuk, Extricom Inc., VP Sales & General Manager. “We were proud to
be part of a winning team and we view SignalShare as our long term partner in this
fast-growing market. What’s more, this was one of the world’s first events where both 2.4
GHz and 5 GHz provided equally impressive bandwidth and connection for over 16,000 very
happy fans at the Toyota Center.”

About Extricom
Extricom is a manufacturer of next generation enterprise wireless LAN solutions, based on
its Channel Blanket(TM) technology architecture. The Channel Blanket architecture provides
wire-like reliability, high throughput, seamless mobility, unparalleled noise immunity,
and is easy to install and maintain. In an era of intensive wireless usage powered by the
market explosion of smart phones, iPads, iPods, tablets and other communication devices,
voice, data, video, and location services are delivered with an always-on, robust and
mobile Wi-Fi connection to any client, in any environment. Extricom Interference-Free(TM)
WLAN is purpose-built to slash wireless complexity and future-proof your network for
tomorrow’s multi-service demands. Extricom solutions are in use by customers operating in
numerous industries worldwide, including Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics
and Warehousing, Retail and public venues. They have discovered the uncompromising
performance, reliability and ease of ownership that are the hallmark of the Extricom WLAN.
Extricom serves its growing global customer base through offices in the USA, Europe and
Japan, and by working with a global network of distributors and partners. For more
information, visit us at http://www.extricom.com.

About Signal Share
Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, SignalShare provides temporary and permanent wireless
Internet solutions for the sports and entertainment industries as well as corporate
events. The company delivers cost-effective results that meet the growing wireless
Internet connectivity demands of the rapidly expanding mobile device landscape, including
high-speed Internet to tens-of-thousands of users at the same time and in the same place,
high-capacity solutions in temporary and permanent spaces, and best practices to mitigate
the most common challenges in working in high-capacity environments. SignalShare delivers
turnkey services, including all of the technology, infrastructure, and expertise necessary
to construct a broadband wireless network. For more information, visit


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