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New Companion Book to Dan Brown’s “Inferno”

March 7, 2013

Noted historian Sanford Holst presents the world of Dan Brown’s next novel in the just-released book “Templar Inferno,” simultaneously published in the USA and Europe.

LOS ANGELES, March 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The anticipated companion book to Dan Brown’s “Inferno” novel has just arrived in bookstores. Written by noted historian Sanford Holst, “Templar Inferno” explores how the death of Knights Templar in flames inspired Dante Alighieri to write his “Inferno” in the 1300s — and how it changed everything that followed. Dan Brown’s hero Robert Langdon must make his way through this world, racing down secret passageways in Florence Italy to decode clues in Dante’s Inferno. “Hundreds of Templars were burned to death but many more survived, and we even know intriguing details of their lives,” said Holst. “The knights who refused the pope’s order to surrender were forced to live in secrecy outside the law. Their rebellious underground activities played a role in the fall of kings and the weakening of the Vatican.”

Holst wrote Amazon’s #1 book on the Phoenicians, the people who helped build Solomon’s Temple and strongly influenced the Templars. The papers Holst presented at universities in the USA and overseas resulted in his being elected to the prestigious Royal Historical Society in England. His book “Sworn in Secret” (2012) gives a detailed history of the Templars.

“Many things are discovered as ‘Templar Inferno’ explores the lives of people who were instrumental in the rise, fall and survival of the Templars — and their effect on Dan Brown’s world,” Holst added.

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Templar Inferno: Knights of Rebellion
by Sanford Holst
Santorini Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9833279-5-0
Paperback, 248 pages, 45 illustrations
$14.95 (US) £9.49 (UK) EUR10.99 (EU)

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