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Acclaimed ‘Pieces’ Playwright Announces ‘Guilty Party’ Reboot

March 11, 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Canadian playwright Sarah
Illiatovitch-Goldman is announcing a reprised production of The Guilty Party, a dark comedy that originally premiered at the 2008 New Voices Festival
in Toronto.

The upcoming production is slated for an August or September release in
Toronto. Illiatovitch-Goldman is co-producing and says the new version
will be completed with a higher production value, a profound new
ensemble cast made up of char6acters this time in their 30s and a
never-before-seen alternate ending.

The story follows a woman who is tortured by memories of her past. She
brings together all the different men from her damaged love life to
unearth their darkest secrets so that she can finally rest.

“It’s an existential absurdist peace,” Illiatovitch-Goldman said. “Very
violent and a  little sexy. It’s about four people trapped in a room.
The audience feels trapped with them. It’s philosophically about what
people’s perceptions are of others – the things you hear about people
when you don’t know them.”

The reboot will again be directed by Jill Harper, who attended York
University for cinematography and film directing, and is a longtime
collaborator of Illiatovitch-Goldman.

“The depth with which Sarah writes each character and dialogue is so
honest and simple,” Harper said. “It allows for some of the best
exploration with actors I’ve ever been able to do. You could connect to
any of these characters. They are worth loving and they are deeply

Illiatovitch-Goldman was named to the RBC Tarragon Emerging Playwright’s
list in 2011, distinguishing her among a group of the top three
burgeoning playwrights Canada wide. Her play, Pieces, starred award winning actors Rosemary Dunsmore and Allison Price. It’s
slated to receive its Chicago debut in 2014.

She’s story edited the films This December and Guns and Waffles, and the plays The Centre of Everything Civilized and We Three of Unspeakable Size.

Illiatovitch-Goldman is also writing and developing a film script titled
Sam and Patricia with director Norma Baily, a Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize, Gemini and
Directors Guild of Canada award winner.

While attending Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto, Illiatovitch-Goldman
apprenticed under the guidance of award winning playwright Sheldon

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