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What Lurks in the Depths of Infusion Lake at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

March 14, 2013

BLACKPOOL, England, March 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Strange sightings are causing a stir underneath Infusion at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Dark moving objects have been spotted beneath Infusion on the lake over the past few
weeks with guests reporting a number of fresh sightings since the amusement park opened
for the 2013 season.

Infusion is one of the most popular rides at the 42-acre attraction and is the UK’s
only fully suspended roller coaster over water with twists and turns testing out your
senses to the limits. However, customers say the objects in the water of Infusion Lake are
adding to the thrill of riding the famous coaster which opened in 2007.

Despite an investigation being launched, there is no conclusive proof of what lurks
beneath the waves of Infusion yet.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach have drafted in one of its own members of staff to see if she
can catch the mysterious swimmer in the depths.

HR manager Pam Roberts is an award-winning angler who enjoys nothing more than the
quietness of a riverbank when she is away from the thrills and screams of the world famous
amusement park. Last week she donned her waders, grabbed her fishing rod and waited
beneath the steel structure of Infusion to see if she could spot, or even catch, the
phantom floater beneath the water.

Fresh from taking on a further 600 new members of staff for the coming months, Pam is
taking a short break as HR manager to see if she can catch the mysterious mover.

She said: “After our busy start to the season at Blackpool Pleasure Beach with
recruiting our new staff for the park, I was looking forward to chilling out with my rod
and taking in some fishing.

“Fishing is a great way of relaxing and I try and get to the riverbank as often as
possible. However, my skills were called for closer to the office when we heard the
reports coming from Infusion.

“It seems I now have a greater challenge ahead as I am helping to investigate the
sightings and off exploring to find out what is hidden in the depths under Infusion.”

Editor’s notes:

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is open at weekends during March with full park wristbands
GBP20 when booked online in advance at http://www.blackpoolpleasurebeach.com
Nickelodeon Land wristbands are not included with this offer, they are GBP17 online when
booked in advance. The 42-acres attraction is open daily from March 25 until November 3.

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