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drchrono To Offer Entire Mayo Clinic Patient Education Library to Doctors, Patients on iPad

March 28, 2013

Massive Library on Treatment Information to Replace Inefficient Hard Copy Distribution

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Mayo Clinic and drchrono today announced an agreement to provide patient-specific educational resources to physicians using the drchrono EHR platform. drchrono is the creator of the original iPad EHR that offers a fully certified Meaningful Use Electronic Medical Record platform to doctors for ONT-ACB requirements. The first EHR to work with Mayo Clinic, drchrono created a way to take their digitized patient education material and allow doctors to pass this along to patients in an extremely efficient paperless way.

Doctors have stacks of paper pamphlets at their offices, patients misplace paper pamphlets and medical staff forget to make copies. Sharing patient education material at a doctor’s office with paper is an archaic and inefficient practice. With a firm commitment to remove paper from doctor’s offices, the drchrono and Mayo Clinic teams have helped doctors take one step closer to creating a completely paperless medical practice. Doctors can now share educational material in a simple, elegant and digitally curated way with their patients.

“Using drchrono, a patient can sit in the lobby of any doctor’s office and watch a Mayo Clinic educational video on an iPad as they are onboarding. This educational content is tailored to the patient using drchrono’s EHR software and also curated by his/her own doctor,” said Michael Nusimow, CEO of drchrono. “Both patients and physicians can feel confident that the educational resources are accurate because they come from Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic is the trusted voice in medicine and can be relied on.”

“Our work with Mayo Clinic creates an even better experience for both doctor and patient that can serve to improve patient outcomes,” said Daniel Kivatinos, COO and co-founder of drchrono. “By offering educational information from the research and educational leader in medical care, we’re able to provide our doctors with simply the best educational content available for their patients.”

The drchrono EHR platform provides Mayo Clinic content in real time to the doctor, through iPad, iPhone and Web with the option to share it to a patient. This gives physicians an instantaneous data stream of content that they can select and share to help patients understand their medical conditions.

At the point of care, after diagnosis and procedures are determined, the drchrono EHR platform provides a smart patient education notification list of documents and videos. The smart patient education notification center displays the relevant documents to the doctor. The doctor with this list has the ability to select what they would like to give to the patient. Once the documents and videos are selected, the patient education material is digitally distributed to the patient through the personal health record platform, onpatient. The patients can view this information anytime, anyplace through an iPhone, iPad, Android or Web.

Mayo Clinic’s patient education material is the foundation of information a doctor can provide to patients. Physicians can add material to the database of patient education material in their practice. The patient education notification center is flexible and the existing content spans from documents to videos. The inclusion of Mayo Clinic educational resources in the drchrono EHR means physicians will be able to provide patients with:

- Over 2,600 Educational Documents

- Over 300 Educational Videos

- Educational resources in English and Spanish

- One-touch distribution of educational resources from within the drchrono EHR app.

- Simplified means to attest for Meaningful Use core requirements

The addition of patient-specific education materials from Mayo Clinic, physicians will now be able to meet their core criteria by providing their patients with comprehensive educational documents and videos with the tap of an iPad. This will simplify Meaningful Use attestation for physicians with tap-to-send patient-specific education resources.

“I’m pleased that Mayo Clinic’s patient education materials, which are normally only available to Mayo patients, now will be available via the Internet to all patients in the United States,” says Steven A. Smith, M.D., medical director for Patient Education at Mayo Clinic’s Rochester, Minnesota campus. “We consider it a priority to invest time and energy to be certain our patient education materials are informative, easy to understand and stand up to the high level of integrity that Mayo Clinic represents. Doctors distributing these educational documents and videos to their patients can be confident they contain content that will assist them in their delivery of clinical care.”

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drchrono focuses on Apple’s iPad, iPhone and cloud computing to build a better healthcare experience. They offer a free EHR platform built on the iPad that is Meaningful Use certified. drchrono is also the first iPad EHR to implement real-time clinical speech-to-text, patient eligibility checks, and iPad based medical billing. drchrono integrates everything doctors need to run their practice, including: medical records, electronic prescribing, medical billing, and patient management. For more information, visit https://drchrono.com.

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