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Research Commissioned by Bombay Sapphire® Gin Reveals Film Studios are Opting for ‘Safe Films’

April 5, 2013

LONDON, April 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Eighty-three percent of the international film community believes film studios are
choosing to ‘play it safe’ when it comes to producing more imaginative films. This and
other findings were revealed in a survey by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE(R) gin exploring film-making.

The findings suggest an increased number of studios are opting to commission ‘safe
films’ such as prequels, sequels and book adaptations, rather than producing more
imaginative and original screenplays. These ‘safe films’ have dominated the box office in
recent years.

According to industry experts surveyed, film-goers are looking elsewhere for their
film fix in the hunt for imagination, 70 percent believe audiences would prefer to see
more imaginative films. Over half of those surveyed (57%) claim people are now opting for
more independent projects and short films, with the rise of on demand viewing making these
projects more accessible and reaching wider audiences.

Bombay Sapphire Global Marketing Manager Magali Podesta: “The Bombay Sapphire team
commissioned this research to continue the discussion around imagination within the film
industry and highlight some of the challenges budding film-makers are facing. We believe
imagination is at the heart of all great film-making and simply makes the world a more
exciting, better place, so we are committed to sparking people’s imagination through our
short film competition![1].”

Bombay Sapphire, the world’s fastest-growing major gin brand by volume and value[2],
surveyed more than 700 members of the international film community, made up of industry
voices and film enthusiasts on the current issues in modern film-making.


Research carried out through Screen International databases. 738 users were surveyed
between the 15 and 20 March 2013.

[1] The Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series: Film competition was launched in April
2012 as a global programme that aims at demonstrating the power of imagination in film.
The competition, offers people the chance to make their own short film to interpret
Academy Award(R) winner, Geoffrey Fletcher’s short film script. The Bombay Sapphire
Imagination Series: Film will be launched for a second year in April 2013.

[2] Data sourced from International Wine and Spirit Research (IWSR), for the 12 months
to the end of December 2011. Major brands are those that feature in the top 5 by volume
and value globally.

Full results available on request.

About Bombay Sapphire(R)

Bombay Sapphire is the world’s fastest-growing major gin brand by volume and value[2].
Based on a secret 1761 recipe, Bombay Sapphire gin is created by perfectly balancing a
unique combination of 10 hand-selected exotic botanicals from around the world. The
natural flavours of the botanicals are captured through a delicate distillation process
called Vapour Infusion which results in the tantalising, smooth and complex taste that is
Bombay Sapphire.

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Bombay Sapphire aims to inspire people into expanding their minds, thinking
differently to reveal more about themselves and their Imaginations. The team at Bombay
Sapphire believes everyone has imagination and therefore aims to give everyone the
opportunity to be inspired, and to infuse their imagination with Bombay Sapphire.



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