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Adfonic and IQzone Bring new Engaging ad Units to Android Devices

April 9, 2013

LONDON, April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Adfonic, the smarter buying platform, today announces a partnership with IQzone, the
mobile advertising solutions company, to enable advertisers to run IQzone’s Postitial
post-app ad units. By enabling IQzone’s Postitial ad units, agencies and direct
advertisers can access engaging and incremental Android post-app inventory supporting
MPUs, full screen, rich media and video.

IQzone’s Postitial(TM) mobile advertising solution generates incremental revenue for
Android app developers and publishers. This unique advertising technology creates new ad
slots for performance or branding campaigns to display MPUs, full-screen interstitial,
rich media and video ads without interrupting the user experience. Postitial ad slots
deliver increased engagement and high-value eCPMs to publishers, maximizing mobile app
monetization potential.

To benefit from Postitial ad units, advertisers add MPUs or full-page interstitials to
their Adfonic campaigns – the Adfonic platform does the rest. Advertisers see campaign
activity at ad slot level via Adfonic’s real-time analytical tools.

Adfonic Co-Founder and CTO Wes Biggs commented: “Mobile advertisers seeking to engage
their audience in new and creative ways will be delighted with the Postitial approach.
With Adfonic’s unparalleled reach and advanced targeting alongside leading mobile rich
media support and other immersive formats, all the ingredients are there for driving
highly engaging campaigns to the right person at the right time.”

IQzone Co-Founder & EVP John Kuolt commented: “We are excited to be partnering with
Adfonic in launching IQzone’s Postitial advertising unit. Adfonic is a leading mobile
advertising platform that combines innovation with global scale. This enables IQzone to
scale its Postitial ad unit to the thousands of campaigns that run on the Adfonic platform
per month, giving advertisers a new ad unit that’s far more engaging and that does not
compete with noise from other mobile advertising campaigns in-app.” said

About Adfonic

Adfonic is a mobile advertising buying platform that gives advertisers and agencies
access to global mobile web and app inventory through a single buying point.

Adfonic’s customers can run performance, rich media and video ad campaigns across a
wide range of inventory sources to drive direct response, increase consumer engagement and
build brand awareness.

Through Adfonic, advertisers and agencies benefit from access to over 100 billion
monthly impressions. Their campaigns are also powered by pioneering technology, big data
and smart algorithms which optimise performance and drive the best results.

Adfonic is headquartered in London with further operations in New York, Paris, Madrid,
Munich and Singapore.

To learn more, visit http://adfonic.com or http://blog.adfonic.com

About IQzone

IQzone, Inc. is a technology company specializing in mobile advertising solutions. The
company’s flagship product, Postitial(TM), provides Android developers and publishers with
an incremental revenue stream. The company is currently partnering with mobile ad
networks, demand partners, and publishers to deliver the Postitial ad slot to smartphones
& tablets globally. IQzone is a privately held company, founded by a team of seasoned
wireless executives and veteran software developers. The company is headquartered in
Scottsdale, Arizona, with an office in London, UK.

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