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Youth Asks San Marcos, Texas Christian Community to Help Support Pastor’s Banner Hanging at Local Rodeo

April 16, 2013

SAN MARCOS, Texas, April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Will Clark lived in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina and now lives in Kentucky. At age six he raised money to restore a car that transported volunteers and residents in over 400 natural disasters. Will produced his first animated film at age nine and donated money from the sale to unemployed fathers to take their daughters to a Valentine Dance in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Funds also provided transportation for seniors to see the Festival of Lights at nearby James Island.

Will reads about dreams and needs of others on the internet and tries to help. He sees two messages in most stories. Those that want to support something they believe to be of value and those that want to prevent something they feel is of no value.

A simple act of hanging a banner at a Rodeo is the dream of Jeff Latham, Pastor of Westover Baptist Church in San Marcos, Texas. Will wants to help pay for the making and hanging of the banner and feels Christians should help. Will feels the size of the banner needs to be equal to that of Budweiser, Bud Light, and Jack Daniels at the National Rodeo in Las Vegas. Will is asking adults to donate the cost of one cup of premium coffee and students to donate the price of one energy drink. The banner and website have the same name, “RODEO 4 JESUS”.

On Tuesday evenings in San Marcos, Texas, boys and girls ride bulls, do calf roping, and hear a devotion or testimonial. As many as seven new Christians have been Baptized in one evening. According to Pastor Jeff Latham, “Prayer and scriptures play well at any location. Christians just need to offer more variation in their outreach programs and make outreach their top priority.”

Will is more of an innovator than a Cowboy. He started reading at age three and believes the biggest killer of the American Dream, Christianity, or any dream of value is rickets of the mind. Will explains, “Getting people to read is vital to the success of anything of value. Sharing is the one ability that grows all other abilities and leads to inspiring one to read. Motivation comes from within. A lack of sharing causes one not to absorb, not to respond, not to reflect, and not to set goals.”

“A few adults with trust, hope, and an open mind can inspire and help millions of students with as little as two dollars. Adults just don’t understand what impact simple acts can have on the young. It’s not much money, it’s not much time, it’s a lot of meaningful messages and it leads to a place where young minds can find themselves and older people can find fulfillment.”

Will Clark can be seen at www.thelastresponders.org. You can’t donate money to Will or The Last Responders but you can help many of the causes Will supports. Will’s favorite organizations deal with service men and women, causes for women, faith-based efforts especially in natural disasters, and students. Will and Pastor Jeff have never met. Will believes it is good to help strangers.

Contact: Ron Clark, 618-579-3608 (cell), or Email.

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