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A $1,000,000 Revolution In The Golf Industry: Players from across the USA compete for the largest ever non-pro payout

April 16, 2013

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The golf industry has always maintained a rigorous line between pros and non-pros. Prepare for that line to get blurred:

With the creation of the first ever non-professional, nationwide high-stakes tournament, King of the Fairway (www.KingoftheFairway.com) is hitting the USA and captivating the attention of the nation’s golfers. Targeted specifically at the everyday golfer, it’s an event where a neighborhood hero can take a place on the main stage and compete for a life changing $1M prize.

Registration for the event is open. Players from across the nation will enter a 3 round knockout tournament, Round 1 played in September, Round 2 in October and the Round 3 finale in November. A progressive “winner plays on” format, the tournament is designed to allow a significant percentage of players to play into Round 2; increasing their chance to make it into the final and play for the $1,000,000.

Creating a conduit for emerging golfers and opportunities for affiliates and sponsors who traditionally have been kept out of the market, this dynamic new event is expected to fuel renewed interest in recreational golf, which accounts for an approximately $26B market in the USA.

King of the Fairway was created from the notion that everyone who has a passion for golf should be able to compete on a grand stage. When we looked at the golf industry we realized that there was a huge amount of talent on the sidelines with no opportunity to win big. We wanted to create an event that would provide that opportunity. The golf industry has been in decline over the last several years. By giving non-pro golfers a chance to compete on center stage, King of the Fairway aims to breathe new interest and excitement into the game of golf. – stated Christ Ford, CEO of ULP.

With a significant number of tournament locations available in major golf markets, the nation will soon tune in to a new twist on this great game. The finale offers not only a life changing top prize, but is sure to fuel a media frenzy as this unique event swings into play.

King of the Fairway is a subsidiary of United Logic Productions, who specialize in bringing innovative events to market.

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