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Digitale.XY2 announces merger with Attitude Group

April 25, 2013

The Digitale.XY2 agency strengthens its leadership position in digital marketing in the interior of Sao Paulo state and gains efficiency by merging its operations with Attitude’s Sao Paulo office

SAO PAULO, April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Digitale.XY2 (www.digitale.com.br), the largest full service digital marketing agency in the interior of Sao Paulo state, and Attitude Digital (www.attitude-digital.com), the digital holding company of the Attitude Group, announced today the merger of their operations. Digitale.XY2 is headquartered in Campinas and has offices in Ribeirao Preto and Sao Paulo, with more than 40 employees who serve clients such as AstraZeneca, Colgate-Palmolive, CPFL, Outback and PUC Campinas.

Through this merger, Digitale.XY2 becomes part of the companies that make up the Attitude Group, preserving the entrepreneurial capacity of the partners of both companies and aligning their interests in creating value for their shareholders. Digitale.XY2 partners Andre Campelo, Flavio Aguiar and Samuel Leite will continue to hold their leadership positions at the company.

“Digitale.XY2 is established in and connected to the interior of Sao Paulo state, which has the second highest GDP in Brazil, and it has a team of highly qualified digital marketing services professionals. The agency’s partners have a significant capacity to implement and anticipate trends, thereby expanding Attitude’s mix of services,” explained Attitude-Digital CEO Maurício Costa.

One of the first steps of the integration plan includes offering Digitale.XY2′s services (planning, strategy, social network monitoring, design, mobile services, e-commerce and interaction) to select Attitude clients in Sao Paulo. “We’re working together to lead the consolidation of the industry and build an even better, more complete digital agency focused on establishing creative and effective relationships with our clients,” explains Digitale.XY2 CEO Samuel Leite, who also serves as the director of APADi.

Digitale.XY2 has already moved its Sao Paulo team into Attitude’s 1,400m(2) office. “Attitude will continue to establish itself as an independent, transnational powerhouse in integrated corporate communications (public relations, investor relations, public affairs and digital media) and stakeholder relationships (corporate governance, reputation and competitive positioning), offering focused expertise in high growth markets. We’re very pleased with the arrival of Digitale.XY2 and we will continue to pursue other major opportunities for consolidation in Brazil and throughout Latin America,” concluded Attitude Group CEO Rodolfo Zabisky.

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