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Cycle Stuff Direct Looks at Cycle Training Plans

April 29, 2013

SOUTHAMPTON, England, April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Spring has arrived and cyclists can finally enjoy the great outdoors again. There are
plenty of sportives, charity bike rides or events to take part in, but many people will
just be excited about getting on their bicycles and being able to enjoy a casual ride.
Cycle Stuff Direct looks at giving cycle training plans a revamp now summer is
approaching, as getting fit and overcoming personal challenges can be very rewarding.

Andy Stevens, Cycle Stuff Direct’s Cycle Development Manager says, “Long, steady rides
alongside your cycling friends is a great base for your cycle training as it helps builds
up your endurance and pace. However, try not to get carried away as you can often find
yourselves racing without realising it!”

As well as a social activity, cycling is an effective way to work out and instead of
doing the same routine, it may be worth giving your training programme a revamp as adding
variety to training plans will ensure that you get the maximum benefits from a cycling

Each training plan will depend on each individual and their goals whether it’s to burn
calories, build up endurance or stamina. Andy says “Success if far greater with a proper
training plan, it can be daunting at first, but helps keep you on the right track and

If you are looking for an endurance workout to build up your muscles, you will want a
training plan that involves raising the gears and using more leg muscle, cycling slowly
can also help as it uses more muscle. Andy says, “Lifting up your heels whilst pedalling
requires you to use more calf muscle, but make sure you practice in a safe place before
heading on the roads!”

Burning calories on your ride depends on speed and weight, but to make things a bit
more challenging there’s also the wind resistance. Andy says, “Whilst cycling you should
be breaking a sweat on your ride in order to burn calories – the faster you pedal the more
calories you will burn.”

Of course sunshine isn’t always guaranteed in the UK. Andy recommends keeping your
Turbo Trainer [https://www.cyclestuffdirect.com/accessories/other/turbo-trainer.html ] to
hand, not only in case it rains, but to also add it to your training plan. He says “Turbos
give you intensity and because there’s no traffic or distractions, you can find yourself
raring to go but just because you cycle 3 hours on the road, don’t think you have to do 3
hours on the turbo trainer as you will burn out!”

One of the most important things is to be honest with yourself and limits, as you’ll
have a much enjoyable ride and training session if you aren’t struggling lots.

Cycle Stuff Direct [https://www.cyclestuffdirect.com ] is a cycle clothing and
accessories website offering customers a huge range of quality cycling products at
competitive prices. Andy Steven’s is Cycle Stuff Direct’s Cycle Development Manager who is
currently training for a sportive this year.

        Andy Stevens
        Cycle Development Manager



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