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DISH and Boost Mobile Shoot Up the U.S. Rankings for Social Media Responsiveness; T-Mobile USA Holds on to its Top Position, according to Socialbakers Q1 2013 “Socially Devoted” Report

April 30, 2013

Despite Answering 30 Percent More Questions This Quarter, U.S. Brands Trail the Rest of the World in Social Responsiveness

NEW YORK, April 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to social media responsiveness, DISH along with telecom brands T-Mobile and Boost Mobile topped the U.S. rankings, according to the Q1 2013 “Socially Devoted” report from Socialbakers out today. Each quarter, the Prague-based social media analytics company calculates which brands around the world are most responsive on Facebook. While U.S. brands trail the worldwide social response rate of 60 percent, they have dramatically improved from answering 51 percent of questions now to just 22 percent of questions in June, 2012.

“Socially Devoted” brands, according to social media analytics company Socialbakers, are market leaders in their responsiveness. Calculated based on the number of questions answered per quarter, the best brands answer at least 65 percent of questions received. Socialbakers developed the “Socially Devoted” designation in June 2012 as a benchmarking tool for brands in the U.S. and around the world.

“It’s been great to see U.S. brands improve in this respect, using social media more aggressively as a customer service tool. That said, American brands still have a lot of work to do as compared to worldwide brands like KLM. As we continue to measure social media responsiveness, the good news is that we are seeing new brands recognize the potential impact of social engagement on their business,” says Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers.

Brands across the web that respond to at least 65% of the user questions submitted to them on Facebook qualify for inclusion in the Socially Devoted list. Among those, to determine the final rankings, the real number of questions ignored is subtracted from the real number of questions answered for each brand. Questions are identified by a question mark at the end of the sentence.

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To learn more about the “Socially Devoted” rankings, please visit http://www.socially-devoted.com. For more information about Socialbakers’ comprehensive social analytics platform, which delivers actionable insights to social media marketers and customer service professionals, please visit www.socialbakers.com.

    Top 10 Socially Devoted US Brands on Facebook

            #                                Brand                            Number              Response Rate        Response Time (Minutes)    Answered Minus

                                                                               of Fans                                                           Unanswered Questions

                  1  T-Mobile USA                                                       2 738 525               96.11%                        61                      2 135

                  2  DISH                                                               3 522 277               88.34%                        54                      1 788

                  3  Boost Mobile                                                         633 411               91.77%                       101                      1 694

                  4  Best Buy                                                           6 726 276               79.14%                       257                      1 308

                  5  LifeProof                                                            111 248               86.96%                       905                      1 287

                  6  Sprint                                                             1 249 699               71.46%                       996                      1 245

                  7  Verizon Wireless                                                   5 048 084               67.68%                       462                      1 075

                  8  Applebee's                                                         3 919 057               66.72%                        48                        979

                  9  Cox Communications                                                   628 741               93.47%                        84                        972

                 10  Target                                                            21 770 541               74.74%                       238                        893

    Data Range: January 1st - March 31st, 2013
    Brands are ranked by the number of unanswered minus unanswered questions.

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