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Director Matt Cimber Announces His Latest TV Series, Femme D’Action, at a Celebration of His 50-Year Career in the Entertainment Industry

May 15, 2013

LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Matt Cimber, known throughout the entertainment industry for his completion of over 150 theatrical and cinematic releases, announced details of his latest TV project, Femme D’Action, at a gathering of producers to honor his 50 years in the industry.

Mr. Cimber told executives, “It is really exciting to be back in TV. I’ve spent many years searching out the best in documentary footage and stories, but I yearned to modernize GLOW.”

GLOW was a phenomenally successful TV show in the 1980s, garnering an unheard of 40 rating, and running for four years on 102 stations in syndication, capturing the hearts and minds of teens and adults.

“We can be so much more funny, edgy, and interesting now, and we are not bound by a wrestling format.” He noted the show’s tag line with a chuckle, “Comedy has never been more dangerous.”

“Production has not been without challenges,” said the 77-year-old director. “I have 35 wonderful girls on set. Have you been in a room with 35 young women? It is pure chaos, but these girls are delivering terrific stuff.”

With the first episode completed, the company is searching for the right cable partner to carry the series. “So that’s it!” Cimber said, a trademark phrase he coined in the ’80s. Quentin Tarantino, who recently released Django Unchained, is quoted as saying Cimber films are some of his favorites. Since the 1980s and 1990s work on award winning productions like Fake-Out (1982), Hundra (1983), Butterfly (1982), and Miriam (2006), Cimber has been right on target with hit shows. His legacy may yet be re-written again.

Femme D’Action clips can be seen on the show’s website FemmeDaction.com. You can contact Matt Cimber by email or contact Executive Producer James Ballidis via email.

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