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Comcast Names Sixty-Five Oregon And SW Washington Leaders and Achievers® Scholarship Recipients

May 30, 2013

PORTLAND, Ore., May 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Comcast Foundation today announced the 2013-14 recipients of its annual Leaders and Achievers(®) Scholarship Program awards in Oregon and SW Washington.

“Each year, we are excited to provide scholarships for these talented students,” said Charisse R. Lillie, President of the Comcast Foundation and Vice President, Community Investment of Comcast Corp. “Comcast seeks students who demonstrate leadership abilities in school activities and who reflect a strong commitment to community service. These students are our future leaders, and we hope these scholarships will help to power their dreams for success.”

Sixty-five Oregon and Southwest Washington high school seniors will be awarded $1,000 scholarships. Comcast is honoring the students at a recognition celebration beginning at 10:30 AM on Saturday, June 1(st) at the Portland World Trade Center: 121 SW Salmon St. #2 Portland, OR 97204.

At the celebration, two students will receive an additional Comcast Founder’s scholarship for $5,000. Fifteen mini iPads will also be given to students at the event. Honored students and guests will hear from Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, Oregon Deputy Director of College & Career Readiness Dr. Hilda Rosselli, Portland Public Schools Superintendent Carole Smith and former Portland Trail Blazers All-Star Jerome Kersey.

“We are continually impressed with the leadership responsibilities and commitment to community service the students in Oregon and Southwest Washington take on while working hard to succeed academically,” remarked Rodrigo Lopez, Comcast Oregon and Southwest Washington Regional Vice President. “These sixty-five students will undoubtedly do well in college and go on in life to inspire their peers to make change happen within their lives, schools and communities.”


Portland Metro Area

    Student Name           School                                 School City
    ------------           ------                                 -----------

    Cameron Ainslie        Central Catholic High School           Portland, OR
    ---------------        ----------------------------           ------------

    Melaku Arega           De La Salle North Catholic High School Portland, OR
    ------------           -------------------------------------- ------------

    Bethany  Burgess       Parkrose High School                   Portland, OR
    ----------------       --------------------                   ------------

    Mario DeSimone         Southridge High School                 Beaverton, OR
    --------------         ----------------------                 -------------

    Vanessa Dominguez      Roosevelt High School                  Portland, OR
    -----------------      ---------------------                  ------------

    Madison Egan           Lake Oswego Senior High School         Lake Oswego, OR
    ------------           ------------------------------         ---------------

    Kyle Farrell           Century High School                    Hillsboro, OR
    ------------           -------------------                    -------------

    Pamela Flores-Sandoval Lincoln High School                    Portland, OR
    ---------------------- -------------------                    ------------

    Angeleesha  Frierson   Jefferson High School                  Portland, OR
    --------------------   ---------------------                  ------------

    Nils Hagberg           Tualatin High School                   Tualatin, OR
    ------------           --------------------                   ------------

    Jesse Hanson           Scappoose High School                  Scappoose, OR
    ------------           ---------------------                  -------------

    Tyler Hoffeditz        Gladstone High School                  Gladstone, OR
    ---------------        ---------------------                  -------------

    Jordan Hurwitz         Sunset High School                     Portland, OR
    --------------         ------------------                     ------------

    Alejandra Ibarra       Sam Barlow High School                 Gresham, OR
    ----------------       ----------------------                 -----------

    Danielle Kirby         Oregon City High School                Oregon City, OR
    --------------         -----------------------                ---------------

    Tayla Kuyl             Gaston High School                     Gaston, OR
    ----------             ------------------                     ----------

    Vanlena  Le            Reynolds High School                   Troutdale, OR
    -----------            --------------------                   -------------

    Peter Lommen           Forest Grove High School               Forest Grove, OR
    ------------           ------------------------               ----------------

    Mimi Ly                Benson Polytechnic High School         Portland, OR
    -------                ------------------------------         ------------

    Molly  McGuckin        Liberty High School                    Hillsboro, OR
    ---------------        -------------------                    -------------

    Christopher Munjar     Banks High School                      Banks, OR
    ------------------     -----------------                      ---------

    Mackenzie Olson        Centennial High School                 Gresham, OR
    ---------------        ----------------------                 -----------

    Katrina Rapp           Grant High School                      Portland, OR
    ------------           -----------------                      ------------

    Megan Risinger         Tigard High School                     Tigard, OR
    --------------         ------------------                     ----------

    Tracy Robert           David Douglas High School              Portland, OR
    ------------           -------------------------              ------------

    Brittany Rosenthal     Beaverton High School                  Beaverton, OR
    ------------------     ---------------------                  -------------

    Haley Schaeffer        Gresham High School                    Gresham, OR
    ---------------        -------------------                    -----------

    Nicole Streeter        Alpha High School                      Gresham, OR
    ---------------        -----------------                      -----------

    Josiah Thurston        St. Helens High School                 St. Helens, OR
    ---------------        ----------------------                 --------------

    Edward Tran            Aloha High School                      Beaverton, OR
    -----------            -----------------                      -------------

    Connor Tripp           Glencoe High School                    Hillsboro, OR
    ------------           -------------------                    -------------

    Matthew White          Lakeridge High School                  Lake Oswego, OR
    -------------          ---------------------                  ---------------

McMinnville Area

    Student Name         School                  School City
    ------------         ------                  -----------

    Eliza Hallett        McMinnville High School McMinnville, OR
    -------------        ----------------------- ---------------

    Giselle Naranjo-Cruz Dayton High School      Dayton, OR
    -------------------- ------------------      ----------

Corvallis/Albany Area

    Student Name    School                      School City
    ------------    ------                      -----------

    Michael Boggess Crescent Valley High School Corvallis, OR
    --------------- --------------------------- -------------

    Keet Dailey     Corvallis High School       Corvallis, OR
    -----------     ---------------------       -------------

    Debra Leonor    Albany Options School       Albany, OR
    ------------    ---------------------       ----------

    Kaela Mlsna     South Albany High School    Albany, OR
    -----------     ------------------------    ----------

    Sierra Payne    Philomath High School       Philomath, OR
    ------------    ---------------------       -------------

    Ryan Spires     West Albany High School     Albany, OR
    -----------     -----------------------     ----------

    Taylor Thorpe   Sweet Home High School      Sweet Home, OR
    -------------   ----------------------      --------------

Salem Area

    Student Name   School                  School City
    ------------   ------                  -----------

    Hailey Brown   South Salem High School Salem, OR
    ------------   ----------------------- ---------

    Jennifer Lewis McNary High School      Keizer, OR
    -------------- ------------------      ----------

    Ashlyn  Moore  West Salem High School  Salem, OR
    -------------  ----------------------  ---------

    Roman Perez    North Salem High School Salem, OR
    -----------    ----------------------- ---------

Eugene/Springfield Area

    Student Name          School                    School City
    ------------          ------                    -----------

    Anna Avidan           North Eugene High School  Eugene, OR
    -----------           ------------------------  ----------

    Hannah Bolton         Junction City High School Junction City, OR
    -------------         ------------------------- -----------------

    Paige DePaepe         Churchill High School     Eugene, OR
    -------------         ---------------------     ----------

    Gregory Gaffney-Bills South Eugene High School  Eugene, OR
    --------------------- ------------------------  ----------

    Aliyah Gallup         Thurston High School      Springfield, OR
    -------------         --------------------      ---------------

    Raelissa Glennon      Willamette High School    Eugene, OR
    ----------------      ----------------------    ----------

Southwest Washington

    Student Name     School                                 School City
    ------------     ------                                 -----------

    Jamie Boatman    Kalama Junior Senior High School       Kalama, WA
    -------------    --------------------------------       ----------

    Haley Case       Columbia River High School             Vancouver, WA
    ----------       --------------------------             -------------

    Christina Chen   Hudson's Bay High School               Vancouver, WA
    --------------   ------------------------               -------------

    Anna DeLeo       Fort Vancouver High School             Vancouver, WA
    ----------       --------------------------             -------------

    Lana Ferris      Prairie High School                    Battle Ground, WA
    -----------      -------------------                    -----------------

    Haylee Grunwald  Camas High School                      Camas, WA
    ---------------  -----------------                      ---------

    Kristine Hampton Vancouver School of Arts and Academics Vancouver, WA
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- -------------

    Megan Holeman    Ridgefield High School                 Ridgefield, WA
    -------------    ----------------------                 --------------

    Jeffrey Longust  Mountain View High School              Vancouver, WA
    ---------------  -------------------------              -------------

    Maegan O'Neill   Homelink River                         Battle Ground, WA
    --------------   --------------                         -----------------

    Pacer Said       Castle Rock High School                Castle Rock, WA
    ----------       -----------------------                ---------------

    Danielle Stinson Skyview High School                    Vancouver, WA
    ---------------- -------------------                    -------------

    Adeena Wade      Battle Ground High School              Battle Ground, WA
    -----------      -------------------------              -----------------

    Kennedy White    Kelso High School                      Kelso, WA
    -------------    -----------------                      ---------

The Comcast Leaders and Achievers(®) Scholarship Program provides $1,000 scholarships to students who strive to achieve their potential, who are catalysts for positive change in their communities, who are involved in their schools, and who serve as models for their fellow students. The philosophy behind the program is to give young people every opportunity to prepare for the future and to engage them in their communities. The program also demonstrates the importance of civic involvement, and the value placed on civic involvement by the business community.

To date, Comcast has awarded nearly $19 million to nearly 19,000 Leaders and Achievers Scholarship winners.

Connect with the scholarship winners at www.facebook.com/ComcastLeadersandAchievers. Explore and “like” Comcast in the community at www.facebook.com/WePowerDreams.

The Comcast Foundation was founded by Comcast Corporation in June 1999 to provide charitable support to qualified nonprofit organizations. The Foundation primarily invests in programs intended to have a positive, sustainable impact on their communities. The Foundation has three community investment priorities–promoting community service, expanding digital literacy, and building tomorrow’s leaders. Since its inception, the Comcast Foundation has donated more than $123 million to organizations in the communities nationwide that Comcast serves. More information about the Foundation and its programs is available at www.comcast.com/community.

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