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Safe-T-Guru, Author, World Traveler and 4-Time World Kickboxing Champion Earnest Hart, Jr. Teaches People/Corporations How to Be Safe in the 21st Century

May 31, 2013

ST. LOUIS, May 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to teaching personal empowerment and safety, Earnest Hart, Jr. (http://earnesthart.com) is a recognized expert. Also known as the Safe-T-Guru, Hart is a world-champion martial artist, personal safety expert, black belt, actor, fitness trainer, radio show host on the Sensei Hart Radio Show and an internationally renowned self-defense consultant. He has helped thousands develop the emotional, physical and psychological skills necessary to better enable them to safely navigate their way through our modern world. His clients run the gamut from private girls’ schools to the St. Louis Rams and, more recently, corporations seeking effective travel safety tips.

In response to demand for his travel safety expertise, Hart has released “How to Vacation and Travel Safely and Come Back Alive” (Xlibris Corp., 2011), a guide to anticipating, protecting and defending yourself in a safety-compromised world. What’s more, Hart has condensed the book’s potent messages into a number of seminars tailored for corporate and professional gatherings, as well as for other individual or group travelers. Hart based his travel safety book and speaking materials on his own precarious life experiences growing up in heavy crime areas of St. Louis, Mo, as an experienced martial artist, as a hostage in Thailand as well as his extensive background in the corporate and entertainment protection industry. Having immersed himself in the inner workings of successful criminals, he has trained police department personnel and educated students at the grade school and high school level.

“In today’s world, there are no guarantees,” Hart states. “Despite your best attempts to protect yourself from crime, bad things happen. My book, seminars and lectures are dedicated to teaching people how to be proactive and plan ahead of time, thereby creating sensible options for dealing with potentially threatening situations. I just discussed this with an AT&T group in St. Louis this past month. Everything I’m offering is designed for use by everyday people traveling in the States or overseas.”

Considering the stressful economic climate, the implications of a post-9/11 world and greater opportunities to travel to hard-to-reach locales, the topic of safety is a hot one. Accordingly, Hart has perfected a niche in travel safety. In addition to announcing his new book and speaking on topics such as “Self Awareness and the Effective Leader” and “Personal Safety and Self-Awareness,” he will soon launch Safe-T-Guru (for now, see www.earnesthart.com), an online portal dedicated to travel, vacation and crisis safety.

Among the skills Hart’s readers and students learn are practicing both heightened awareness and adaptability. “For instance, whenever you go on a trip, you must not only stay safe yourself, but also keep your home and family safe while you are gone,” Hart says. “You also may need to develop or improve your street smarts. Proactively research and understand the environment of your travel destination be it domestic or foreign. It’s a fact that one in 10 travelers will be a victim of crime, and so my goal is to combat crime worldwide by minimizing the odds that this statistic will be you,” Hart emphasizes.

How to Vacation and Travel Safely and Come Back Alive” is available through www.amazon.com and other fine online bookstores. Book cover: http://www.ereleases.com/pic/Earnest-Hart.jpg.

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