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Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story, Solving the Cross Platform Puzzle Available Today for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in the iBookstore

June 20, 2013

A Timely Book That Tackles the Issues of Cross Platform Technology and Online Privacy

NEW YORK, June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Amazon Bestseller, Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story, Solving the Cross Platform Puzzle is available today for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in the iBookstore.

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In this era of cross platform wars and online surveillance, there has never been a better time for the release of this book. Authors Donald Leka and Claire Leka take you behind the scenes at Glide where the challenge is the complexity of solving the cross platform problem and providing users with greater control over their personal data.

The platform wars between Apple, Google and Microsoft are taking place on the native desktop and in the cloud. While consumers are benefiting from innovation that is spawned by competition there is a downside: Different platforms and cloud services don’t work together as they should. In addition, consumers do not have adequate transparency into how their personal data is used. Since we all live in a multi-platform world and use cloud services, everyone is affected.

Since 2005, Glide has offered a different vision of the future where consumers are empowered by cross platform technology and have greater control over their personal data. This book challenges the technology industry to put users first and open up proprietary ecosystems to facilitate cross platform capabilities and increase user control and transparency over personal data. It’s a fast-paced, inspiring and thought provoking read. You will not be able to put this book down.

Download the book today in the iBookstore:

Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story, Solving the Cross Platform Puzzle

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Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story, Solving the Cross Platform Puzzle

Online Privacy

Our online privacy is under fire from all sides. The recent NSA Prism data surveillance scandal has put an intense spotlight on the growing problem. Experts warn that consumers should be vigilant about what personal data they put online.

Glide has always been at the forefront of online privacy. Back on August 28, 2007, Glide issued a press release that warned:

Your personal information is the new web currency of choice largely replacing cash as the accepted payment method by leading web services. Information about your habits, interests, needs, desires and fears are more valuable to online service companies than your money…Sophisticated public relations campaigns by the largest online services effectively conceal how your personal information is leveraged to generate revenue and may be largely responsible for a general lack of consumer awareness regarding the increasing threat to privacy rights.

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And the Book Reviews are in:

Barry Unger, PhD Innovation and Technology Management Professor at Boston University

“Open systems and cross platform functionality would seem to be ‘no brainer’ visions that should be easily accepted by the computer industry, right? Not so when these ideas seem to threaten the business ecosystems and profit models of the major players in the industry they seek to improve. Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story is an interesting and insightful account -and also quite humorous at times — by the entrepreneurs who have lived it over the last eight years — of the challenges faced in introducing a new better way to an industry built around propriety systems and a fantasy of walled gardens, even though users (remember them?) regularly have to contend in their lives with a cross platform “real world” combining Microsoft Windows, Google Android, and Apple iOS/OS X devices, and multiple cloud services…All this during an era of global financial crisis and continuous changes as Apple, Google, and Microsoft have battled for supremacy…”

Harold L. Vogel, PhD Author of Entertainment Industry Economics, Cambridge University Press

“This book provides a master class for entrepreneurs, technologists, early-stage investors, and venture capitalists by amply illustrating the types of challenges, and opportunities that confront all new companies, but especially those operating at the bleeding and leading edge of technological change.”

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