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CampaignEQ launches web and mobile marketing attribution platform unique for advertisers, takes on HasOffers, ImpactRadius, Cake

June 20, 2013

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In the wake of a large investment by Accel Partners in HasOffers and the surprising closure of Google Affiliate Network, former Beachmint executives join forces to launch CampaignEQ (http://campaigneq.com/), a cloud-based web and mobile marketing attribution platform for advertisers and affiliate managers.

As part of the founding employee team at Santa Monica e-commerce giant Beachmint, William Belk, employee #1 and former Head of Product and Dirk McGregor, Director of Acquisition, were experiencing the tipping point of mobile traffic in the new era of customer acquisition. As Beachmint’s advertising channels grew from traditional affiliate and display to TV and Internet Radio, total mobile traffic would surge by over 200%, making up over 50% of total traffic.

Beachmint ran simultaneous performance marketing campaigns with over 300 different marketing partners that included affiliate networks, media buyers, bloggers, and YouTube and Pinterest influencers. Belk and McGregor found that the current suite of SaaS affiliate tracking and attribution tools was inadequate to handle large volumes of mobile traffic. Furthermore, the current platforms lacked advertiser-specific features like LTV tracking and attribution algorithms that put the advertiser’s interests first.

As Head of Product for the technology and analytics platforms at Beachmint, Belk led the company’s vast data warehousing and machine learning initiatives. While Beachmint’s backend data systems were built from the ground up to provide business people with learnings about lifetime revenue per customer (LTV), acquisition funnels, and mobile and tablet optimization, the traditional affiliate systems available to Beachmint for managing its affiliate and performance marketing programs were causing a lot of pain.

“As someone who is passionate about efficient user experience,” said Belk, “it’s hard to sit back and watch people struggle with software. In the multi-channel attribution world, the popular products are built for the networks, not the mid-level advertisers who spend all day managing publishers and affiliate and lead-generation programs. Something as simple as generating a tracking link is made to be an arduous and complex task. It’s fun to design a new system from the ground up that can save marketers 50% of their time.”

Along with ease of use for the everyday marketer, CampaignEQ puts its focus on mobile attribution and optimization. CampaignEQ allows marketers to simply route visitors by device (web, mobile, tablet) and test multiple landing pages per device, tracking every action all the way back to the click.

About CampaignEQ
CampaignEQ is a high-performance marketing attribution platform for advertisers.


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