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Visual Quest Self-Discovery Workshop with Pixie Campbell

June 20, 2013

A Transcendent Journey into the Healing Heart of Creativity

PORTLAND, Ore., June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Imagine learning how to unleash your artistic potential by delving into a powerful and visionary process that transcends mere technique to explore the deepest realms of the psyche and bring profound truths to life through creative expression. Visual Quest, the online workshop taught by artist and modern-day medicine woman Pixie Campbell, is such a journey, designed to transform the inner workings of the soul.

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A successful artist and experienced shamanic practitioner for over a decade, Pixie Campbell has crafted a unique, holistic approach to painting that integrates the creative process with profound spiritual discovery and healing. Throughout the course, participants will dive into a variety of tools for this creative soulwork, including shamanic rituals, identifying and bonding with medicine animals, and releasing fear in order to tap into the intuitive wisdom of the subconscious. Lessons cover practical techniques, tips for interpreting the rich symbolic world of dreams and visionary journeys, and gentle guidance for opening the heart to deep self-care.

Visual Quest is a five week workshop that runs from July 20 to August 31, 2013. The course creates a sacred, nurturing space where you can meet yourself–and be met–right where you are now. “Visual Quest helped me reconnect with my creativity and gave me a new love for myself,” said Sukhi, one of the women who recently took Pixie’s class. “This workshop really is for all people, not just artists–tapping into creativity and the soul is such a healing experience.”

Pixie begins with guiding you out of the restrictive patterns of left-brain thinking into the most intuitive places in your being. From there, you will embark on a meditative journey to discover inner guides in the forms of medicine animals and totems. The workshop then progresses to the creation of art itself, enabling you to fashion profoundly expressive works that reflect the truths within you. In this way, Visual Quest provides a potent wellspring of inspiration and self-discovery. As participant Kolleen Harrison said, “[It] broke me open and took my painting in an entirely new direction. I am forever changed by the magic of what I have learned.”

Above all, Visual Quest is a safe environment for the exploration of art and spirituality. There is no pressure to meet deadlines or conform to certain preconceptions of art. One of the foundational tenants of the course is giving yourself the freedom to fully be you, to create and express from the heart. You will discover a rich, caring community of women with whom to share your experiences and creations without fear of judgment. The struggle to become whole belongs to everyone, and Visual Quest provides the clarity, insight, and tools to align your heart to a path of artistic awakening and spiritual abundance.

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Pixie Campbell is an artist, writer, medicine woman, and sacred-space holder. A member of the Choctaw Nation, Pixie finds strength and clarity in a deep, holistic spirituality that informs every aspect of her life. She was taught by Irene Skau, known as Bear Who Dances with the Sky, in shamanic practices and considers herself a modern-day medicine gatherer sharing the sacred process of soulwork with a growing community of women across the globe.

Pixie’s art has been featured in galleries nationwide, and she has written articles for such prominent publications as Somerset Studio, Somerset Life, Taproot, and Bamboo. In addition to leading coast-to-coast artistic workshops, she has founded SouLodge and Matrilumina, a series of courses and gatherings aimed at revitalizing the female community through the teachings of Earth Medicine and the sacred feminine. A dedicated witness and teacher, Pixie strives to create a sanctuary for all women, and is committed to empowering others to live a creative, impassioned lifestyle.

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