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Hisense VIDAA Takes First Place in Publicly Staged Test of Six New Smart TVs in Beijing

June 26, 2013

BEIJING, June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Thirteen well-known IT professionals judged the performance of smart TVs through a publicly staged test of new models from China’s six best-selling brands: Hisense, Skyworth, TCL, Samsung, Sony and Sharp on June 25. The testing process was monitored by 20 news outlets in Beijing and the Beijing Oriental Public Notary Office. The event was sponsored by Huxiu.com.

The results were divided into two sections, quantitative and qualitative. In all, 23 aspects were judged, including start-up speed, function switch convenience, multi-screen interactivity, number of applications, live viewing, VOD podcasting, multi-tasking, UI design, offline playing, use of the remote control, etc. All TVs were purchased by Huxiu.com under public supervision from Suning Appliance in Beijing to assure random selection.

Hisense 55K600X3D VIDAATV took first place, followed by Sony KDL-55W900A, TCL L55E5500A-3D and Samsung UA55F6400AJ. Fifth and sixth places went to Skyworth 55E760A and Sharp LCD-52LX845A.

Hisense was one of the few companies that demonstrated their uninterrupted multi-tasking capabilities in the field test, while judges were impressed by Samsung’s reboot in less than ten seconds after a power-off, thanks to Samsung’s focus on product details. Sony was acclaimed for its excellent technical design, but judges noted, “We do not know whether the focus is on the remote control or on the TV,” revealing a gap between Sony’s superior hardware and its remote control. Both TCL and Skyworth’s products were considered extreme in their designs – TCL’s remote control was too simple, while it proved too difficult to find Skyworth’s USB interface.

Data from China Market Monitor indicated that in the first five months of 2013, more than 50 percent of TVs sold in China were smart ones; 70 percent of surveyed consumers said their next purchase will be a smart TV. It is expected that by 2015, sales of smart TVs will account for more than 90 percent of China’s total. Huxiu.com believes that at this major turning point, a single event is unlikely to provide the final word on which TV is best. However, this test gives a good indication of which sets are likely to provide maximum value.

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Scores for 10 Unique Tests, Total Score: 60

    Ranking Brand    Model        Total Score
    ------- -----    -----        -----------

    1       Hisense  LED55K600X3D             55.3
    ---     -------  ------------             ----

    2       Sony     KDL-55HX950              31.5
    ---     ----     -----------              ----

    3       TCL      L55E5500A-3D             31.2
    ---     ---      ------------             ----

    4       Samsung  UA55F6400AJ              30.6
    ---     -------  -----------              ----

    5       Skyworth 55E760A                  21.8
    ---     -------- -------                  ----

    6       Sharp    LCD-52LX845A             20.7
    ---     -----    ------------             ----

10 Criteria for a Smart TV Experience

        Start-up time                     Customers really want their TV
                                          to start working as soon as
                                          possible after they turn it on.
                                          Non-optimized smart TVs boot
                                          up far too slowly, negatively
                                          impacting user experience.
                                          Hence, the time from clicking
                                          the "on" button to full
                                          operation is the first step in
                                          measuring the "intelligence" of
    1                                     the new TVs.
    ---                    ------------- -------------------------------

        Function switch convenience       Smart TVs integrate many
                                          functions, but users are
                                          discouraged by the complexity
                                          of switching between them. The
                                          ability to switch between basic
                                          functions with ease is an
                                          essential component of a truly
    2                                     smart TV.
    ---      --------------------------- --------------------------------

    3   Number of smart apps              The more "factory installed"
                                          apps, the better the user's
    ---             -------------------- -----------------------------

    4   Live TV experience                Speed, clarity and personalized
                                          design are of prime importance.
    ---               ------------------ --------------------------------

        Online VOD intelligence           VOD speed, personalized memory
                                          function and the ability to
                                          intelligently recommend
                                          programs to users are the main
    5                                     features of the VOD experience.
    ---          ----------------------- -------------------------------

    6   Multitasking ability              Whether the TV can process
                                          multiple commands fast and
                                          accurately without delay is a
                                          criterion for intelligence.
    ---             -------------------- ------------------------------

        Design of UI                      Human-machine interaction,
                                          simple operation logic and a
                                          well-designed interface are
                                          all key to the consumer
    7                                     experience.
    ---                     ------------ -----------------------------

        Media decoding ability            It is extremely important for a
                                          smart TV to have the ability to
                                          decode and play videos, HD
                                          movies, photos stored in USB
                                          drives and MTVs in various
    8                                     formats.
    ---           ---------------------- --------------------------------

         Human-machine interaction of     Consumers clearly prefer remote
         the remote                       controls that have a simple and
                                          logical layout, are comfortable
                                          to hold, are responsive and
                                          have good human-machine
    9                                     interaction.
    ---    ----------------------------- --------------------------------

        Screen connectivity               The connectivity of the screen
                                          to mobile devices such as
                                          tablets and handsets is a new
                                          metric for the degree of
    10                                    intelligence.
    ---              ------------------- -------------------------------

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