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Sqeeqee and the Birth of Social Networthing(TM)

July 29, 2013

IRVINE, Calif., July 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Love it or hate it, social media is becoming the linchpin of communication between businesses and customers. Businesses of all types, from the largest multinational corporations to the smallest startups, can access more corners of the globe than ever before because of social media. Make no mistake, the expansive reach of the Internet has played a large role in this, but it is the popularity and ease of social media that makes connecting businesses and customers easier.

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Since the birth of social media the system has remained largely unchanged from the user’s side. Online advertising accounts for billions of dollars in revenue each year, but the majority of that remains in the pockets of Google, Facebook, and countless other social media providers. Sqeeqee offers the first substantial shift in social media since the birth of the industry with a new formula that turns social networking into social networthing.

What Makes Sqeeqee Unique?
Regardless of their level of popularity, the majority of social networking sites currently operating offer a similar service to users. Profiles are created that allow individuals to make new contacts and reestablish old connections. In the case of businesses, profiles allow a company to create a public face to interact with customers, build brand loyalty, and identify and reach new market niches.

What sets Sqeeqee apart from the rest of the crowd is what it offers. Sqeeqee takes the best features from social networking, media, entertainment, and e-commerce sites across the web and combines them into one service. With one profile users are creating a one stop shop for monetizing their online interactions. Sqeeqee markets this concept not as social networking, but social networthing(TM).

Stand Out Features
Sqeeqee eliminates the need for one individual or business to have separate accounts all over the web for social networking, online advertising, and e-commerce operations. Sqeeqee combines the best of eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Google AdWords (to name a few) into one site. For example, a startup business can now launch a social networking profile, establish an online shop for buying and selling goods, and even use crowd-funding to launch a new project all from ONE website.

One profile on Sqeeqee opens the door to a number of services that users could previously find only on one site at a time. Discussing all the features in depth would be time consuming, but there are notable features worth drawing attention to. Among the most impressive is Sqeeqee’s e-commerce system.

For each profile that is started on Sqeeqee, users are provided with an embedded e-commerce shop that allows them to buy and sell goods online. This critical element gives small businesses, in particular, a chance to lower operating costs by eliminating the need to spend thousands on maintaining a professional website. With a Sqeeqee profile the business can establish a social networking presence and not only reach out to new market niches, but also sell directly to those clients through Sqeeqee.

Another important business feature available to Sqeeqee users is crowd-funding. One of the newest concepts in social media, crowd-funding is the idea of pitching a project to a larger segment of potential investors and looking for their support in funding the project. Investors can be individuals interested in the product or service idea, or businesses interested in being a part of the process. The success of crowd-funding is dependent upon the idea and the pitch, and donations can come from anywhere.

Additional features include Sqeeqee’s patent-pending internal search engine that allows users to search the Sqeeqee ecosystem for opportunities to increase and share revenue. These opportunities include but are not limited sponsoring advertising campaigns, creating and offering coupons, and competing in a virtual stock market.

Spreading the Wealth
In the end, Sqeeqee is positioned opposite the likes of Facebook and Google for another important reason. While these companies rake in billions in advertising revenue ($4 billion and $8 billion respectively in 2012), users see very little of that money benefiting them. With Sqeeqee, more revenue is passed down to the users who are powering the site’s activities and growth.

By sending more money down to the rank and file users of Sqeeqee, the company is increasing not only the wealth of the users but also its own future financial strength. Users with more money in their pockets from their activities online are going to turn around and continue to pump more revenue in the Sqeeqee ecosystem to help spread that wealth around other users as their businesses and activities grow.

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